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    You forget one important update from the list : "Invalid file size" feature.... when do you fix it?


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      As per Nazgul's post in Discord, here are the links:

      If you're having issues updating the game (even with the manual patch), or there's issues with the Auction House, or errors on launching. You can download the full clients from this page:
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      The game being a bad boy, Webzenianz? Go here: Helpdesk and Comment Card
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        that download link is closed right now due download limmits .. still stuck how about an kind of b solution for all that work ??????
        cant rappelz fix it on thier patches or download page ... or is there a torrent download ?????

        Hmm this might help others too ... DELETE GAME GUARD FOLDER .... than on 2 PC it worked one had old instal other had fresh instal but it was first time fresh instal with old gameguard still there ... removed gamguard and than it connected ....

        on other PC i had old instal ... just removed gameguard folder .. and than that one runned finely tooo

        Good luck all (let me and others know if that trick works good)
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