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Maintenance of the 09/03/2019

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  • Maintenance of the 09/03/2019

    Hello everybody,

    Please find the details regarding the weekly maintenance below.

    Maintenance Date: 3rd of September 2019

    Game Maintenance:
    • 07:00 – 11:00 [GMT]
    • FR, DE, PL, IT: 07:00 – 13:00 [GMT+2]
    • TR: 10:00 – 14:00 [GMT+3]
    • US: 03:00 – 07:00 [ET]
    Portal Maintenance:
    • 07:00 – 09:00 [GMT]
    • FR, DE, PL, IT: 09:00 – 11:00 [GMT+2]
    • TR: 10:00 – 12:00 [GMT+3]
    • US: 03:00 – 05:00 [ET]

    • Servers restart
    • Character transfer requests will be processed during maintenance
    • Looting pet UI window change will be implemented
    • When a character uses the Impact Amplifier or Mirror Amplifier, the summoned creature will also get the buff
    • The skills "Harmony of Life" and "Soul Harmony" will apply a more powerful % of stats on Epic creatures, as per the following table:
    Enchantment Basic Normal Rare Special Unique Epic
    0 50% 60% 70% 80% 100% 120%
    1 75% 90% 105% 120% 150% 180%
    2 100% 120% 140% 160% 200% 240%
    3 125% 150% 175% 200% 250% 300%
    4 175% 210% 245% 280% 350% 420%
    5 250% 300% 350% 400% 500% 600%
    • NPC in the Snowfield Basin will be moved
    • Monster EXP will be increased in the Remains of the Ancients
    Monster Name Before After
    Crystal Spider 6,624,587 8,611,900
    Crystal Skeleton 6,624,587 8,611,900
    Crystal Windsong 7,729,202 10,047,900
    Crystal Pixie 7,729,202 10,047,900
    Crystal Nanani 8,263,580 10,742,600
    Crystal Vulca 8,263,580 10,742,600
    Crystal Devil 8,850,487 11,505,600
    Crystal Cube 8,850,487 11,505,600
    Berserk Yeti 9,758,562 12,686,100
    Potty Miner 9,758,562 12,686,100
    Cold Crystal Witch 11,625,262 15,112,800
    Crystal Snowman 5,623,541 7,310,600
    • Veiled Island monster statistics/drops will be modified and higher-level monsters will be added. They will be moved from from the Dragon's Nest to Snowfield Basin.
    • Equipment can be upgraded up to level 30. To upgrade your weapon over level 20, you need to talk to the NPC Ancient Blacksmith Hamue in the City of Ruins while wearing the equipment you want to upgrade. It works the exact same way as upgrading your weapon from level 10 to 20, except that you will need White Steel instead of Ancient Steel.
    • Quest reward will be added for the daily quest that can be taken from the NPC Chief Explorer Kane
    Poor Derek 1 White Steel Piece
    Making an Antidote 1 White Steel Piece
    Delivery 1 White Steel Piece
    Cracking Eggs 1 White Steel Piece
    Kechikan's Glasses 1 White Steel Piece
    Pagemaster 1 White Steel Piece
    Saurn's Journal 1 White Steel Piece
    Village of Shadows 1 White Steel Piece
    Saurn's Sacrifice 1 White Steel
    [Daily] Consolation of the Dead 10 White Steel Pieces

    • EU only: End of the Archive of the Past event
    • End of the Summer Ice Princess event
    • Start of the Pet Season event
    • When the character is magnified, the background is clipped in the character selection window: fixed
    • Gold frame of the mini-map is missing: fixed
    • Cannot use skill while attacking with Bow and Crossbow: fixed
    • Durability Type missing on some items: fixed
    • Creature card can be stored in the warehouse, after putting it in the belt: fixed
    • [Collection] Vulcanus card is not increasing Creature Taming skill: fixed
    • Unable to exchange lak while having the maximum rupee limit: fixed
    • Creature stats are not displayed correctly when the numbers are too high: fixed
    • Translation update

    - During portal maintenance there will be limited access to the game launcher and the Webzen portal, therefore you may not be able to access the game during this time

    - We remind you that all updates will have to be confirmed during maintenance and are subject to changes

    Kind regards,

    Your Rappelz team

  • #2
    while wearing the equipment you want to upgrade

    And what about pet's equip? Will we wait 10 years like for amplifier?


    • #3
      I hope you guys aren't stingy with the drops this time around.


      • #4
        Good job on adjusting ROA exp ^^ I'm sure it will be a nice boost Along with that you should consider raising exp on s1-2 dd too maybe?
        Also i have a qestion wich would be,ice exhange npc will stay for another week or it's gone and rip ice that we have left?
        For the last, i really hope event drops are good in dd too and not just in roa again!!
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        • #5
          Put ice-event npc to the game please, people still have many ice.


          • UnderTheInfluence
            UnderTheInfluence commented
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            Well that answers one of my questions. Ty

        • #6
          drop rates suck I farm with luck potion in roa and I don't get a single event drop. this is why people have stopped playing rappelz...........


          • #7
            when will the event award be given ?


            • #8
              İce event npc is back
              patch notes also need to be notified in advance


              • #9
                Should be x4 times more exp every mob at ROA, guys we need to make every player same lvl so we all gona bee at same dugeons more people for same partys should be great
                and about BM any one know if that is 600%% based on Vit str agy etc... or P ATK m atk etc ? what stats are there ?


                • PrinnyOverlord
                  PrinnyOverlord commented
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                  Basic stats so strength, agility, dexterity, intelligence, wisdom, and vitality.

              • #10
                Obsidikar quest is very hard now.


                • #11
                  Why you increased the number of steel needed to level 11-20 ???