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Empty Death Gladiator Card - Drop Rate Changes

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  • Empty Death Gladiator Card - Drop Rate Changes

    Dear players,

    During the July 23rd update, we made the Death Gladiator more accessible by increasing the drop rate and made the monster spawn from the Reviac boss. However, from the start the Death Gladiator was supposed to be a rare pet, and Gala estimated that the latest drop rate was way too high. Consequently, they decided to slightly reduce the taming rate of all Death Gladiators and greatly decrease the drop rate of the Death Gladiator card in Devildom.

    We hope the unusually high drop rate of the Death Gladiator compensated for the many months it was very difficult to get since the release of 9.6. The Death Gladiator will now be more difficult to obtain as it was intended to be from the start. Please be aware that the Death Gladiator card drop rate has not been changed in the Citadel, this will give you more rewards for taking part in the Citadel Attack every week.

    We sincerely apologize for not highlighting this issue when the change was applied.

    We wish you a great week in Rappelz,

    Your Rappelz team

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