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[US Event] - 4th July Weekend

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  • [US Event] - 4th July Weekend

    Today is, of course, July 4th, and we have a special weekend planned for you!

    Tomorrow, for all of America, a drop event shall take place!

    Every hour, the event item(s) will change. What is chosen? This will be announced in-game, on the hour, every hour.
    Since it's random, every server can have different drops at any given time - so whilst we cannot give you a schedule, we can tell you the list of what you may see this weekend.
    Item Name
    Energy of Flowers

    Feather of Return
    Feather of Summon
    Feather of Union
    Feather of Teleportation
    Stamina Saver
    Lucky Potion
    Powerful Scroll of Creature Taming
    Deva's Blessing
    God Mother Fairy's Bottle
    Altered Almighty Pieces (Enhanced)
    Random Buff Card

    Refined Clay Key
    Solid Clay Key
    Clay Key of Peace
    Clay Key of Sharpness

    Special HP Potion (50%)
    Special MP Potion (25%)

    *Event does not include Ursa Caverns, Distorted Space Dungeon and Master Class Trials.

    In addition, each hour, there will be a chance of fireworks... Well, a chance for Grace to be applied.
    This event will last until maintenance on 9th July.

    Items will drop everywhere excepted in the Ursa Dungeon.

    Happy July 4th!
    Your Rappelz team.