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Patch Notes - 2nd of July

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  • Patch Notes - 2nd of July


    We will run an exceptional Maintenance tomorrow, 2 of July, in order to implement important Bug Fixes to the game. Please find the details regarding the maintenance below:

    Maintenance date and time: 02 July 2019

    Game Maintenance:
    • 07:00 - 9:00 [GMT]
    • FR, DE, PL, IT: 09:00 – 11:00 [GMT+2]
    • TR: 10:00 – 12:00 [GMT+3]
    • US: 03:00 – 05:00 [ET]

    • Servers restart

    • Start of the Worship buff event: Max HP/MP +40% (This buff will last until next maintenance)
    • Start of the +25% EXP bonus event

    [BUG FIX]
    • Auto-attack of Slayers and Deadeye are consistently freezing - Fixed
    • It is no longer possible to use skill while auto-attacking - Fixed
    • WASD directional control don’t work properly - Fixed

    DISCLAIMER: If you still encounter these issues, please add a comment to the Patch Notes post in the forum, specifying PC specs (CPU, GPU, RAM) so we can investigate further. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    • Translation update

    - We remind you that all updates will have to be confirmed during maintenance, and are subject to changes.

    Kind regards,
    Your Rappelz team

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    I apologize for my English. I’m from Ukraine and I don’t know English so I’m writing through a translator. I hope you understand and help solve the problem.
    On the 25th, there was a problem with running, and many other problems were removed.
    On the 26th, some problems were solved, but there was a problem with the display of an attack with a crossbow. It’s not clear who the character attacks I do not play from the 25th. I hope to fix the problem soon. The problem today exists not only with me.


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      My Deadeye seems to be working fine now. Thank you for the fix.

      It seems that long distance shift click to bring your pet back from far away doesn't work now though. If I park my pet on one side of the frozen lake and run to the other side I can no longer get it to come to me. I'll keep experimenting and see if I can find any way to make it work and to see if I find any other new problems.


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        the master class equipment is becoming non dura items.


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          Still having same issues with WSAD pc specs are as follows:

          I7 8770k oc 5.4ghz

          32gb Corsair platinum ram

          3x 1080ti strix


          • Autodidact
            Autodidact commented
            Editing a comment
            Make the game full screen, then do alt-tab. Your screen may be black for 1-2 minutes, just wait and everything will be working fine.

          • TheBlackWolf
            TheBlackWolf commented
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            Go ryzen bro it is superior at every way

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          I didn't have any wasd issues before.....

          Today I opened a 2nd client and when I use wasd to move main character in client number 1 my alt in client number 2 also moves. Played around with minimizing and alt tab'ing and got to a point where it works like normal.

          It's possible I could have had this same issue before but I didn't open a second client so I have no way of knowing.


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            After maintenance nothing changed. Slayer still cant use skills fluently after auto attack. The same is happening when you use skills and after that you character has freezing. Please fix this problem as soon as possible.


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              I play full screen when used to move a WASD character does not move. Nothing helps. I will not play until I fix this problem !!!!


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                Hey there! My WASD is still not working, it didnt before 2° July and it doesnt right now. Tryied everything

                CPU: Intel Core i5 1.8 Ghz
                Ram: 6 Gb
                Memory: 500Gb

                What now ? Thanks