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  • Introducing [GM]Syr

    Hello Citizens of Gaïa,

    Today I would like to introduce the new Game Master and Community Manager of Rappelz US and EU. From today, [GM]Syr will be in charge of the US and EN servers, forum and discord.

    Since [GM]Syr is working from South Korea, [GM]Piccolo and myself will still be there to help when he is not around.

    We hope that you will appreciate his work as much as we did in the Rappelz team.

    Welcome again [GM]Syr!

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      Welcome long may he reign.


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        welcome Sir... I mean Syr!!


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          I guess someone had to make the joke ^^.

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        Hello everyone, It is nice to meet you.


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          Welcome SyrHQ Equip your armor, and grab your weapons and you have our best wishes and support in slaying dragons!
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            Welcome Syr. Greeting from unicorn server. greeting from the unicorn server I'm sure you will do great improvements for us and what's most important have fun while doing it.


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              Welcome Syr, hope you can pick up where Nazgul left off. You have some big shoes to fill so I hope you are ready. How many years have you been playing rappelz?


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                Welcome Syr! i hope that you and the community will get along. Would be nice if you leak some content when you're already based in korea. I really miss the times when we had email newsletters with little infos about upcoming updates.

                Have a nice day!
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                  Welcome to rappelz.

                  Hopefully you can answer some questions so we can better understand where the game is headed.

                  a) do you plan to keep up with class balancing?

                  b) do you plan to improve citadel? (There are many many complaints about it)

                  c) do you intend to bring purse of dark powers back?

                  d) did you play rappelz before becoming a GM?

                  And again, welcome. Its about time EU server had their own GM.
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                    Let's hope some of the bugs are addressed and class balancing isn't left half finished.
                    Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.


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                      Welcome aboard Mr Syr! Glad to have you part of the team!

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