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Patch Notes - 16th April

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  • Patch Notes - 16th April


    Please find the details regarding the weekly maintenance below.

    Maintenance date and time: 16/04/2019

    Game Maintenance:
    • 07:00 - 12:00 [UTC]
    • FR, DE, PL, IT: 09:00 – 14:00 [GMT+1]
    • TR: 10:00 – 15:00 [GMT+2]
    • US: 03:00 – 08:00 [ET]
    Portal Maintenance:
    • 07:00 - 09:00 [UTC]
    • FR, DE, PL, IT: 09:00 – 11:00 [GMT+1]
    • TR: 10:00 – 12:00 [GMT+2]
    • US: 03:00 – 05:00 [ET]
    • Servers restarted
    • Character transfer requests processed during maintenance
    • Server stability has been improved
    • Energy of Rage will now last 2 minutes
    • Enhanced Country Cloak icons updated
    • Additional Class Balance implemented:

    • Changing game options through the launcher would give random letters: Fixed
    • Some towns on the map had their icons duplicated: Fixed
    • Steel Cage maximum targets set to 5 instead of 10: Fixed
    • Start of Easter Event
    • Start of Devildom Purge
    • Level 210 cloaks have been distributed (US: Repede, ThunderRising; DE: Lennart; FR: Libelulle). Note: Stats have been adjusted to match +20 Sand Dragon’s Cloak of Devildom.
    • Teams The Outcast and ToutDouxBinks have received their special deco cloak reward from the Speedrun event.
    • End of +25% EXP event
    • End of the Pet Season event.
    • Translation update

    - During portal maintenance there will be limited access to the game launcher and Webzen portal, therefore you may not be able to access the game during this time.
    - We remind you that all updates will have to be confirmed during maintenance and are subject to changes.

    Kind regards,
    Your Rappelz team
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    Really? (This post is long, and maybe not nice for the people that work for rappelz, but I have to said what I think about it).

    this is all what we was waiting for?
    i stop to play rappelz, like all my friend, we hope that this was really R.E. balance update. It’s not.
    Templar will remain too strong in Dps, Void mage is again buffed in her spam aoe, after the abyssal nerf of slayer now you give home back something and it’s good, but go inside the big problem.

    1) the master breader buff about damage seems just a little, and remember that the overlord pet do more damage, have more life, have more critical power, and now without dark strike set, dark strike cd is 1second? Really?
    the overlord is the new meta, he is too strong and he can solo dd6 in less than 10 min.
    You don’t trust me? Go to see the log of the top player in eu server. (I was overlord, I change and I regreat).

    Other things, master breader need that their pet are stronger than other class.
    so how to do it? First things put the buff that reduce the damage of 51% at max level TOGGLE, in this way ovelrlord and beast master can’t abuse it. Second things, if we want a balance, stop to modify always the same skill, you are losing the way!!!!

    void mage single target is low, sadism nerf? It’s ok, but if you want that the void mage can’t tank, you have to increase the damage and put of sadism! I can solo dd3 with lvl 9 armor and no consumable with the class that do more aoe damage in the game. It’s not balance.

    (I can’t speak about Kauna and marksman cause I don’t have), but I am really sad about this other changes that are completely useless.
    its 2 years that we are waiting first wave of balance and this is all what you have done? But the QA team play at this game or not?

    And other important things, if you continue to change the skill, no one will use real money for do good equip, cause all can change in some month, and you have lost 1000 t because the QA team decide to not work properly.

    i have said in balance post, nerf the dark strike, cause an overlord with dark strike spam 100m damage in dd4, and your solution is to reduce the cool down to 1 second?
    What class can do 100m damage for second and have 2 pet that do other 100/1200m damage per second too?

    You (all the balance team) are only moving the meta from one class to another, and are not balancing the game.

    i think I will left definitively if they don’t do really good job. It was good game, now the good time are finished.

    i think all people with a brain can see what there is behind this changes, if all class are weaker, all people have to spend more for the same content, so rappelz will earn more.
    this game is becomed so much money based, and no, it’s not about equipment, it’s about consumables, all people use 1/2t of consumables every 2 hours only for exp, so what you farm is always less of what you earn, especially in Devildom in party, but hey with 50€ you have 100t, so no one farm, all people have to spend money!

    and after you finished the consumables, also if you are full reviac 25, you are less than a full 23 with consumables (bag, enchanted energy, tomato, energy of gold ecc). So why play? The problem is not that the class are to strong, but that you let the player abuse of that items.

    there is no other games where all this consumables are so much used, only rappelz. I played since 2010, it’s time to finish to play.

    I hope in future QA do better job, they are really not good at it.


    • HirloRwin
      HirloRwin commented
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      I'm wondering how you can say that BM pets have less critical power since we don't know the lvl of this new "Holy Link" yet?
      I'm also wondering if you are talking about an OL under the "pet season" event buff because the end of this event changes a lot of thing for OL.

    • WoundedBadger
      WoundedBadger commented
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      “Templar will remain too strong in Dps”

      Pass the good stuff you must be smokin’

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    I'm really excited to try out cardinal again, that looks like a really good balance right there. I would take a slight decrease in damage if it means i can apply vortex magic to an area with Arctic Blast. Overall improvements to AOEs and passives.

    Thanks for boosting the AOE capabilities of War Kahuna. Thicket Armor/Exhilaration worries me a little. I have a feeling Enchanted Slash is going to suffer by taking away the M.Atk portion. Nice change to the recklessness DoT too. It's a shame to see Earth reduced though. Thanks for not forgetting about Thunderstorm Slayer this time, it looks good!

    Thank you for taking some of my suggestions on Mercenary. Dual Strike and Laser Blade look better than ever! Judgment Buster's stun makes sense for it's cool down finally. Judgment of the Goddess is even better based off level 9 and a +5 card! Still sad that Deathblow and Wild Stream weren't opened for dual swords, but their overall damage is gonna go up for sure!

    That was a nice addition to Master Breeder, I hope it's the first of many though.

    I haven't gotten to far into my Corruptor yet, but they look better from the last changes. I may never get into my Corruptor at this rate though. I wanna try out the WK, Merc, and especially the Cardinal changes!


    • PrinnyOverlord
      PrinnyOverlord commented
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      Well the point of AB was to have a hard hitting single target skill for bosses. Could have moved these new AB changes into a buff for cold bolt and kept AB the same.
      We will have to see how it goes. I also cant wait to try the new cardi changes.

    • Imposter
      Imposter commented
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      I would have love to see Frost Spear become AoE instead, but with all the other AOE boosts, I think this is going to work out well. I'm anxious to try it out. It's too bad we couldn't get the higher levels of Shining Cross though.

    • TheBlackWolf
      TheBlackWolf commented
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      Artic blast + a colorfull rainbow XD

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    Is the passive skill for enchanted slash getting changed? Patch notes say that swift enchanter(enchanted slash passive) is getting a damage formula change, but it never increased the skills damage. Only lowered the cd.

    Patch notes also show that the CD for enchanted slash is a at 10 seconds. No CD modifiers shown, so does this make its passive obsolete?


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      R.I.P. Marksman


      • #6
        Hi guys, I am one of the few cardinals, as main pg, of the Serafin server, in general I really like the changes planned on this class, but I am perplexed by the change of "Inner Light".
        Until now the main competence needed to build the character is "Vortex Magic", master TP competence, I wanted to ask if following these changes it will remain so, because change an upgraded equipment, with stone and correct bonuses, after spending time, energy and money would not be the best, especially in a server where actually cardinal players can be counted in one hand.

        I apologize in advance for my poor English XD.


        • Imposter
          Imposter commented
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          Personally, i would keep Vortex It's a +75% increase versus a +25% MATK & +37.5% M.Pierce. (Skill Level and Armor set bonuses)

      • #7
        Thank you for listening to the community. A lot of the changes are a lil wierd, how basically VM got boosted again. But that is because Corrupter got totally trashed. Also, Slayer evasion is back. I really am excited to play Cardinal too. It looks like that class would be a lot of fun again.
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          They love the DeadEye... XD thanks for that update....


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            Slayer evasion is back finally. After updates we will try to play slayer then we can talk about updates which one good which one bad. Thanks for listening community. On the other hand Marksman player will not happy about updates of marksman.


            • #10
              MB, +6 level 13 Bestial cry:
              - old +69.5 atk sp
              - new +80.0 atk sp

              Sure my pets will be OP now, thx.


              • Hunter
                Hunter commented
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                +21% pierce, but there is no pierce on pet window

              • HirloRwin
                HirloRwin commented
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                Pierce is on the extended window.


                Also, don't forget to enable the new passive, at lvl8 it give 50% of your critic power to your pets.

              • Hunter
                Hunter commented
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                i see, thx, the same 0 + 21%

                I am 194 and link is level 4

            • #11
              Shuddering Flame only goes up to level 15, not 20 as stated.


              • #12
                Well the rebalancing at MB was too poor, the tank pet still miss atleast 150k hp and still miss the double atack to put at a deccent place, wasnt a boost just a change at 2 skills , crearly need a rework. Was expecting way more then this , cause at ol and bm they changed a lot of things , cant understand that low look at MB.


                • Fainewedd
                  Fainewedd commented
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                  they don't want to overdo it like with the ol, so we have to be happy with these small but nice boosts. At least nothing got broken...

                  And if you get a nice set up, there isn't much to complain about compared to many other classes.

                  My guess, we have to wait for the pet balance where we get the most "Balancing" from due to our poor char. But then... high risk for the need to make new s5 pets cause only newly tamed pets will get the balanced skills or whatsoever... been there a few epics ago.

                  It took me several months to get six almost perfect pets for each stage resistance / strength... And I pretty much love them 😍

              • #13
                Intended or not, Holy link doesnt work with Halishas Aura. Halishas Aura has only an effectiv to the base CP of each pet (armour, weapon, stones )