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Patch Notes - 2nd April

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  • Patch Notes - 2nd April


    Please find the details regarding the weekly maintenance below.

    Maintenance date and time: 2 April 2019

    Game Maintenance:
    • 07:00 - 12:00 [UTC]
    • FR, DE, PL, IT: 09:00 – 14:00 [GMT+1]
    • TR: 10:00 – 15:00 [GMT+2]
    • US: 03:00 – 08:00 [ET]
    Portal Maintenance:
    • 07:00 - 09:00 [UTC]
    • FR, DE, PL, IT: 09:00 – 11:00 [GMT+1]
    • TR: 10:00 – 12:00 [GMT+2]
    • US: 03:00 – 05:00 [ET]

    • Servers restart
    • Character transfer requests processed during maintenance
    • Server stability has been improved

    • It is no longer possible to enchant items using the space bar: Fixed
    • Point cost for the Citadel Siege bid is displayed incorrectly: Fixed
    • Title progress is reset after relogging: Fixed
    • The Pet Season event has a very low drop rate: Fixed

    • The Pet Season event has been extended until the 16th of April 2019
    • End of The +50% exp event

    • Translation update

    - During portal maintenance there will be limited access to the game launcher and Webzen portal, therefore you may not be able to access the game during this time.
    - We remind you that all updates will have to be confirmed during maintenance and are subject to changes.

    Kind regards,
    Your Rappelz team
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    Why is the 50% exp event ending when the players had no stable servers to use it. Constant crashes and disconnects, on top of that due to the lack of server stability not enough players are logging to even get DPs started. GMFB, Luna Amp and many more items were lost due to the constant crashes btw. Least that can be done is keeping the 50% exp event for 1 week AFTER the servers are stable.


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      Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh no exp event. Only low Pet event you can drop more panther turtle wolf. However, I would prefer an exp event


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        agree, with all these crashes i barelly did few daily quests and gave up even trying.. had to reset modem almost each time after reloging otherwise was unable to connect and game kept crashing in the menu.. good job! please Extend the exp event aswell at least until 16.april.. thanks


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          • The Pet Season event has a very low drop rate: Fixed
          Nice joke
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            Webzen Mg can make people angry
            They can take care of the players


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              Pet Event drop rate still sucks


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                Pet event "fixed" nope still low i got nothing in 2 hours farm!


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                  Ah I just figured it out, the drops only drop from killing Reviac and only when the moon is blue and there are 17 pigs flying past your window at the time you kill reviac


                  • PrinnyOverlord
                    PrinnyOverlord commented
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                    What if its 18 pigs?

                  • Imposter
                    Imposter commented
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                    Then heaven help us all....

                  • TrevP
                    TrevP commented
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                    17 pigs or NO drops, not a pig more or a pig less