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Epic 9.6 Class Balance Update

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    Why don´t you make the other classes better as well?
    I am a War Kahuna player, I am used to see that my forgotten class never get a revamp. Make the underpowered classes better instead of just nerf those which are good as they are.

    PS: sorry i should have better say I am playing a forgotten race! Poor Gaia!


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      WK was revamped, and it is really good aside from a few short comings. It doesn't have to be an AoE monster like VM, but combine Gravity Amp with Wide Windy Shackles and DD gets a whole lot easier for everyone.

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    I feel like you guys really did quite a number on Magus this patch. I played both VM and Magus.

    With the changes to bleak squall, the damage that was added into it's ratio (negligible difference really) doesn't take away from the fact that you could hit spam bleak at least 5 times with okay-ish cast speed in the time that you can now spam 1.

    Understanding that 0cd is a bit ridiculous for some classes, Magus needs a little love now. Personally, I see no reason to play it over VM now, Magus is less tanky, has lower single target damage, aoes are practically useless, and the 35 - 40% patk/matk bonus support of gust / focused gust gives doesn't make up for the seriously lost dps from more bleak spams.

    One of my primary issues though, is that there's no 'good' way to stack Enchant Weapon: Earth stacks now. Maybe there's something I can go about the way I'm playing, but unless you're attacking a single target for a long time, it's a wasted dot that doesn't stack quickly. Switching between casting abilities and auto attacking isn't seamless, there's a huge delay if you try to do both.

    Both my classes are geared decently well, but if Magus is being toned down in terms of fitting into the support class, it forces you to party with a DD, only to give THEM the damage boost and make you actually feel useful.


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      Level up is more easy. We arrive to liv 175 and dont work on equip.
      Mr arrive 2 year ago with my shadow all equip +23. And weapon +25. And make in solo s3. After s4 and 5 in solo. Now with some nerf and work on s5 and s6. But i continue to work for Level and for rekiavic set.


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        Well currently, Master Breeders are supposed to be, lore wise, staff magicians hanging back and using their pets, but their stats and builds are for 1h Mace and Shield, but Master class spells is geared for 2h Staff users with no Mace skills. There is a serious disconnect here between what is given and what actually gets used. Because MBs stats favor mace damage way over from a staff. Attack Spells thus serve only to kite, then its mace time.

        Somewhere along the way here, a disconnect occurred and over the years the disconnection has gotten wider and wider.


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          This game is dead, bring back Manaleak, at-least he helped the community.


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            Well... it cannot get any worse. i hope.


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              Corruptor Vampirism was advertised to be changed to 0.4% x Vampirism skill level, instead what we have is 0.04% NOT 0.4%, someone has put an extra decimal place, so you have made it 10x worse from what you have advertised, this is a really silly error and I am quite sure I am right here. This correction should not require testing and a lot of time because it is an obvious error.
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                yes, you are right its pretty fucked now, used to be able to kill revived bosses before - even it took time and was quite hard sometimes, now im not abble to event "scratch" it and my mana is out and choices are either die or run away -.-

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                This is such a simple problem to fix yet they are not admitting it or changing it quick smart. Such an easy issue to check and change, they are purposefully ruining Corr class for what reason who knows!! Such terrible management, advertise 0.4%, give us 0.04%, that is just stupid and to maintain it and not change it to what they promised is simply negligent. Honestly starting to wonder if those who are running this game care?