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Rappelz 9.6 The Siege of the Citadel - Pending Updates

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  • Rappelz 9.6 The Siege of the Citadel - Pending Updates

    Dear players,

    We managed to publish the latest Rappelz expansion as announced. However, we experienced some inconvenience during maintenance that will have to be addressed in the following days. Please find a list below:
    • Items transformed with Transmogrifying Charm may temporarily be not visible.
    • Durability gear names are temporarily not displayed properly
    • Other translation issues in game will be fixed in the following days
    • Warehouse PIN has been temporarily suspended
    • Valentine's cloaks have been swapped out for +5 Valentine's cloaks. More information relating to decorative cloak enchanting shall follow in the coming weeks.
    Thank you for your understanding.

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      game stopped
      this account is allready logged

      .. bye for today


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        no event, only new epic nice


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        That massive X mark on top of every skill card that i cant equip seems to me a bit unnecessary, it blocks like 80% of the image. I literallly have to now go over every card with the point arrow to see their names and not get confused


        • Eus47
          Eus47 commented
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          +1 to your comment, looks hideous and very annoying

        • Hunter
          Hunter commented
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          i am colorblind and i like this!

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        please before fixxing the minor bugs make it that we can reconect after we freeze up with client !!
        it now say ur already connected... and i left while client was frozenup .... u only have a stupid buton to confirm ur connected aready what about to ad a disconect older conection buton to solve it urself if ur locked out.


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          server reviac its not working

          WEBZEN Player