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Patch Notes - Rappelz: Epic 9.6 - The Siege of the Citadel

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  • Patch Notes - Rappelz: Epic 9.6 - The Siege of the Citadel

    - Siege of the Citadel added.

    - Class balance implemented for: Slayer, Void Mage, Templar, Deadeye, Corruptor, Magus, Mercenary and Marksman.

    - The ability to dual wield crossbows has been added to Crossbow Expert.
    - Attack Speed plateaus reworked.

    - New titles added

    - Rupee cap raised to 1,000,000,000,000.
    - Color scheme updated:

    - New Epic Pet added: Death Gladiator.

    - Guild buff will now apply to pets.
    - 7-day time limit removed from Vulcanus boss card.
    - Vulcanus collection card added.

    - EXP penalty removed for players at level 175 and higher.
    - Monster respawn points increased in Remains of the Ancients.
    - Dungeon Core HP increased and Damage Reduction added.
    - Guilds who own a dungeon will now get a new buff that will apply anywhere in-game.

    - Ending a duel will no longer remove buffs.
    - Option to open either all or 1,000 Black Crystal Boxes added to Blacksmith Tarun.
    - It's now possible to get low-level buffs via Hidden Village buff NPCs for users below level 150, and Masterclass buffs for players at 150 and above.
    - Confirmation button added to inventory sorting.
    - Icon changed for unusable items.
    - Users must be level 160+ to drop items.
    - It's now possible to list a maximum of 250 items in the auction house per character.

    [BUG FIX]
    - Reviac P. Atk didn't match initial 9.5.2 launch: fixed.
    - Cooltimes in skill tooltips shown incorrectly: fixed.

    - Translation Update

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    ''Users must be level 160+ to drop items.'' WUT?


    • Imposter
      Imposter commented
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      If you wanna dump items on the ground, you must be 160.

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    But master breeder???


    • #4
      Nothing for Master Breader?? All class get reworked, but in a game where the pet are the “core”, Master breader was forgotten?


      • Brunohsantos
        Brunohsantos commented
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        developers hate master breeder is the only answer I can think of

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      ok so you guys changed almost all classes, in a game that every build is depended on their armor skill awakening you should at least make the perfect transfer scroll an item that is purchasable in HV from a merchant


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        Where is balace of classic pets???


        • #7
          The empty card can only drop from Death Gladiators.



          • #8
            Beast master is forgotten once again.
            is it fair that I have 25+ gears and i can't solo in Devildom 21???
            I'm pretty sure that our class balancing suggestions weren't even looked at.

            My days are over in this rusty game....... have a good time


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            What is the buff formula for Support of Gust? It was changed, but not listed.


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              I will only say: why the corruptor?

              A pleasure to have known him Mr' Rappelz


              • (MOD)Hiei
                (MOD)Hiei commented
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                Despite field CD being increased, Corruptor DPS went up, via traps/strength of darkness/shadow atrophia.

              • NikkiTikki
                NikkiTikki commented
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                After testing it sucks.
                Last edited by NikkiTikki; 23-03-19, 09:00 AM.

              • AceVentura
                AceVentura commented
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                yea finally servers are a bit more stabble so had time to test it and it REALLY SUCKS.. wouldnt mind ocultism nerf but vampirism sometimes doesnt proc at all (tested on revived bosses), after few initial hits i had to run away, farmed whole remaining dungeon and not get any mana back at all!! WTF?

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              no event??


              • Hunter
                Hunter commented
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                Permanent lag event: Collect 10 lags to get 1 free DC.

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              I would like to point out that the second "Invigorating Essence" which has a damage formula, is actually Deathblow.


              • (MOD)Cornerstone
                (MOD)Cornerstone commented
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                Drain arrow should now only drain mp. Bloody blade now only heals 2% instead of its old 10%. Now that the Deadeye has dual crossbows as an option, drain arrow stacked with the Hector p attack card gave an insane amount of healing on a ranged based class that can run around a target having a large movement speed debuff.

              • (QA)Tharja
                (QA)Tharja commented
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                Drain Arrow won't life leech anymore, because if it did it would make the Deadeye overpowered.

                Defensive Stance is not part of a TP tree, it's a free floating skill like Dual Sword Expert and 2h Sword Expert.

              • Hunter
                Hunter commented
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                When will be patk hector card in cas shop? I can not get it.

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              how the dual crossbow will work? Like a main+offhand?


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                Nice joke

                Originally posted by Nazgul View Post
                Hello everyone,


                Class Balance

                To give you a better insight as to how we currently view classes, you can see a brief overview of our current thoughts on where the classes stand (includes changes made on 17th April).

                Whilst we recognise that sword users were hit harder than dirk users, we stand by the nerf of Shadowforged Plating. This class, as it stood, was able to complete the entire dungeon solo during testing. The second part of Devildom is intended to be completed by more than one person.
                It is not the final adjustment to the skill, however, and we need to carefully think how it can be adjusted or even reworked to prevent the class gaining an obscene amount of health.
                In terms of the capability of this class, we are reasonably happy with the damage it produces. Further nerfs to this class are unlikely, but we do want to increase its agro management.

                Your Rappelz team


                • #15
                  I don’t see any reason for nerfing the corruptor.
                  The class was already medium ranked compared to other class. I had rather expected a boost for certain skills to be on pair with other classes again.


                  • (MOD)Hiei
                    (MOD)Hiei commented
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                    Corruptor actually got a damage boost, despite field CD increase, the changes to traps and strength of darkness along side shadow atrophia increased DPS on Corruptor by a lot.

                  • TheLeo
                    TheLeo commented
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                    Corruptor boost u nerf occultism, evade, hp and matk O.o boost LMAO

                  • NikkiTikki
                    NikkiTikki commented
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                    shadow atrophia isn't a buff, it's CD is sstill too long, doesn't last long and the card doesn't increase dura. I'm not sure who this buffs, thought it would help DoT corrs but nope. Soul Plague corrs are still lagging behind.