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Christmas event and update of the 18th of December

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  • Christmas event and update of the 18th of December


    I create this topic to talk about the upcoming Christmas event as well as the update for tomorrow.


    Your Rappelz team

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    How can i take snowman transform scroll?


    • Klaig
      Klaig commented
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      We give away some last Saturday on Facebook , stayed tuned on our Facebook page to not miss out next time .

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    Thanks Klein for post. I hope to have fun with friend with this event.
    My worries are about abitual “ks player” so I will record while I playing, I think that the behave to punish them, as announced is really good. I have to say thanks to you, and to all other man/women that works for webzen, for have listened our problems.
    When I can play, after maintenance I will said how is going.

    Main while I wish to you and to all people: “have good Christmas-holidays”.


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      For people who played the event last year here the list of changes we applied for the event this year:

      -A new difficulty of dungeon has been added: The Obsidian Christmas Valley even harder than the Black dungeon.

      -2 new Red dungeons have been added.

      -On the 25th of December and on the 1st of Januray all the players from the leading team will get a special reward which will let them get a powerful +24 gear (those gears are similar the one from the Purge of Devildom, they cannot be used for upgrade and are timed for 3 days).


      • MrLonely90
        MrLonely90 commented
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        wait what only the winning team thats not fair some ppl will have +24 gears and the rest no why thats not balanced

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      did they add any tameable Snowmen any where ??


      • Fkbook
        Fkbook commented
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        how about ANY and ALL snowmen in the event dungeon??? /facepalm

      • TheLeo
        TheLeo commented
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        hadn't logged into game at the time I asked the ?? but thank you for being rude