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  • Boss Hunters Feedback thread


    It has been one week since the new “Boss hunters” event started and we feel like it’s a good time to collect some feedback and see what we could improve about it.

    If you could post on the comments below what you liked or disliked about the event, it would be highly appreciated.


    Your Rappelz team

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    hundreds of monsters and 0 epro or erep the main items told to use that drop... cant believe announcements anymore


    • XenJanter
      XenJanter commented
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      Havent killed hundreds yet but i managed to get one e-pro from a lv3 hawk to my surprise. So i can confirm that the epro drop is real.

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    I think it's a very good event. We need to have more like it. We need to have PVP events like these to get the PKs out of our system since it can't/shouldn't be done in the dungeons. Yet anyone can still roam and get some good drops.

    Well done!


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      welll one thing r6 drops are good but lower lvls drop better things im not sure if that can be helped or not but all in all it an awesome event


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        Never saw that good event (probably best event in whole Rappelz History), people finally move from town and start enjoy SOMETHING expect devildom, Rappelz Squad should add something like this forever, for example finally $tuff to upgrade ur equipments (but with low chance to drop) should drop from "World Bosses" more % of dropbut not every time should be SS, Lucky, GMFBs and others useful stuff. As well better experience should be good. Difficult 5-6 should have better drop or 100% for double drop

        As you see the biggest problem in Rappelz right now is unbalance with digits. Mov.spd is painful in PVE and PVP, game cant even upload textures of game, because we are too fast. In PVP people move too fast, and in ur screen you see them, but true is they are gone.
        Still as well in opinion of alot ppl, GMFBs should have cooldown, because PVP base right now on Stand up Stand up and finally kill someone.
        Guild Marks/Names still not exist in the game, its something like half-year, when it will be fixed ?

        Waiting for your answer
        if it ever happens

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        • RappelzNerd
          RappelzNerd commented
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          The GMFB CD idea is the thing that will fix Rappelz's PVP , but I think that u have to put this idea in another section perhaps the GMs might think it over

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        The event is good but could give an improvement
        is not leaving and pro and undress
        and it's very kind you stay a long time trying to kill the boss and a stronger one comes and steals the last hit


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          The concept is great because it makes the players explore the map. The rewards would have been nice if it wasn't Honey Bread/Water 99% of the times and 0% E Pro and E Rep. The event was implemented in the worst time possible due to the fact that classes aren't balanced and PvP hasn't been balanced. The people that commented agreeing to the event and the PvP aspect are the few that play a VM class character and are able to simply eliminate anyone attacking a Event Boss in seconds. Of course they would enjoy it.

          The damage resistance bosses have is a nice concept to make things a bit more fair. Problem with this is players of lower lvls like 160 or so simply can't kill most of the bosses, and the ones they can they could be attacking it for 20 minutes+, enough time to get PKed. It the real challenge was to explore the world and finding the bosses, the bosses should have very low HP, so that is equally easy to kill for a lvl 120 character and a 200 one. How the event currently works, this event is limited to a small amount of players (high lvl, high gear, VM)

          Another thing is the higher difficulty bosses seem to have the same drop rate for rare items as the low difficulty ones...

          So to summarize, good concept, rigged rewards, implemented at wrong time, Bosses need to be easier to kill.

          The event certainly wasn't meant for everyone as advertised.


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            That question is not answered by writing it was good or was terrible.
            I think the idea was good, but it lacked different perspectives.

            So for example, if you regulate the DMG down that, why not do a threshold? Like 20k MAX and 20k MIN.
            So for example that a small player can also kill the mob if he sees it?
            Why does the boss kill lv 160 main accounts? Why does he have to hit back?

            I´m an lv 196 lich with +25 gear, not my perspective but I am all about helping smaller players get a better foot into the game.
            That's one thing...

            Next thing - did you guys played darts with the Rappelz map?
            If every area has bosses, then every district should have some, the unknown because you can´t find bosses in the regular spots leads to hour-long searches only to run in areas where no boss spots are... and also why so many?
            Great would be the Map of Rappelz with red area linings and the number of spots in the area so everybody could figure out if they covered the whole area not 1/'3 of it.

            That's just towards the execution.
            I´m all in for that kind of events because it creates value. But it should be possible for a +15-+21, not OP character to get the full reward if he invests the time into.

            Your Greatness
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              it would have been great if you could one hit the boss as some ppl said the main concept is to explore the world and finding the bosses i feel like this the hard part then you should be able to one hit the boss and i dont know why every one say its great i didn't know that honey bread and crystal arena box are that good


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                I like this event, I've enjoyed running around the map, but it could definitely be improved.

                Having been able to test this event on the live servers now, I do not feel that it meets the targets for how often players will find the event mobs. Even with a modest numbers of players it is possible to go for very long periods without encountering anything. The higher the population, the more this event fails to meet the targets. After the Merge, on Reviac it would be very difficult to find mobs a lot of the time.

                An increase to both the number of mobs and spawn points would address this. The number of spawn points in general would benefit from an increase to reduce the chances of spots getting multiple mobs there.

                Some players struggle to kill even the difficulty 1 mobs. Although most players can manage them without issue. If, "one shot mobs" were introduced, mobs which for most which would only need 1 hit from most players and dropped a single, low value item then lower level players could still participate, these mobs could even be made to respawn on the same spot after 1min, and they could be placed around the map with a frequency similar to Moon Rabbits. These mobs would not be worth camping, but they would still offer something to players.

                Finally, the drops themselves could do with some tweaking. Honey Bread and Water drop far too much, and for most people simply aren't useful. Gladiator consumables are ok, but the chances of getting some of the items are just really bad.


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                  The event is really one of the worst of ever, the only good thing is the drop. It could be good event if only balance class was done, and if there are some mechanism that prevent the first of serafin server or other server with full reviac +25 to pk all people and steal all boss.
                  its allowed steal boss in this event? Because all people do it.

                  i expect somethingh really better of this in future, because if this are the future event I think I will left the game. (And I am not speaking of drop rate, it’s good, I am speaking about the fun!!!)


                  • Klaig
                    Klaig commented
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                    You can PK a players and then steal his boss. I was referring to kill steal boss on PvE servers.

                  • Xmia1
                    Xmia1 commented
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                    So in pvp server stealing boss is is not allowed, and if someone steal it, 2 or more times he will get banned? (With a video that show it)

                  • Xmia1
                    Xmia1 commented
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                    Because people don’t pk, they just stole it and go away... or pk later after they already stole it.

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                  PK event, you support bad behavior.


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                    one more week of people pking every single time....
                    what a great way to kill the game
                    at least may I know if pking is still prohibited inside dungeon so that I know I can farm without being killed after doing my buffs and wasting 8min buffing and a lot of shop items....


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                      aside from the rewards/kill stealing issues as previously (and predictably) mentioned, there is more of an issue with the boss killing. More specifically, with a Merc you need to have a HUGE pool of mana to take out a boss in a timely fashion but this would be a simple matter of refilling your mana as you would normally do. this is just not possible with using mental breaker as it gives virtually nothing for refilling your mana when used against these bosses. The only time this is possible is to be specifically in an area with high level mobs to use m.b. on one of those and then resume attacking boss. also, the whole "travel the world" thing would be ok IF the mobs actually generated in random areas. They keep popping up in the same locations. This is not exactly travelling the world but more go to a spot and wait around.


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                        Its good event for use pk mode on more ppl going outside ffrom town , thanks support for that ;*