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Server Maintenance 11th December / Server Merge Date (3)

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  • Server Maintenance 11th December / Server Merge Date (3)

    Hello everyone,

    Scheduled maintenance on Tuesday 11th December will start earlier for US servers (Betrayal, Undine and Unicorn):
    UTC (UK): 02:00
    ET (US): 21:00 (10th December)

    For EU/FR/DE - The exact maintenance time for your servers shall be announced on Monday as usual.

    During this maintenance, Betrayal and Undine should be merged into Reviac and the merge events shall take place as planned.
    This means that Character Transfers will not be processed on Tuesday and instead shall be completed on the 18th December. More details regarding this maintenance shall be shared next week.

    Why has the merge kept... messing up?
    Simply put, we have not performed a merge of this scale before for Rappelz.

    We underestimated the size of the databases from Betrayal and Undine and how high the capabilities of the server needed to be in order to complete the merge. The first merge failure purged any characters that would be 7th or higher at character selection, as well as any "deleted characters" along with their inventories. Since the game was released, we never deleted any characters. When you delete a character, we're able to see it and recover it for you if needed.
    The Rappelz team took a strong stance on not deleting any old data. But this means 10 years of data (Tortus, Pantera, Salamander, Yeti, Tanda, Lydian, Bahamut and Tyrant) all being squished together.

    We also improved the hardware of the new server for our 2nd attempt as during internal testing it was clear the capabilities were not high enough. We've therefore increased the capabilities of the server yet again (for the 3rd attempt) and then proceeded to complete 3 test merges over the previous week. All were successful and there was no discrepancies in what we expected. The capabilities of the new server far exceed what should be required to complete the merge, let alone run the server.

    Just like our 1st and 2nd attempt there's no reason why the 3rd would fail. Due to the testing we have completed over the last week, we're confident that it will be a success this coming Tuesday.

    Kind Regards,
    Your Rappelz team.