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Server Issues: 27th November

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  • Server Issues: 27th November

    Dear players,

    As many of you know by now, some of our servers are not working as expected: monsters not respawning, teleports would not work, and many other features aren't functioning.

    We've been investigating this issue since the first time it was reported. Gala Lab developers have been awake with us until late night (Korean time) to solve the problem: despite our combined efforts and a short maintenance we still haven't found a fix.

    We shall perform another restart on the affected servers and deactive the event that still have issues. However, if the issues return in the following hours we ask that you be patient whilst we work with the developers and INCA to find the exact cause of the issue and fix it.

    EU: Serafin
    FR: Lamia
    DE: Minotaurus

    We will keep you updated on the evolution of this bug.

    Thank you for your patience and kind understanding.

    Kind Regards,
    WEBZEN team

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    Unicorn : cant enter DD after i left it **reason i left = mobs didnt spawn after opening door next room..\
    Inside Circus dungeon mobs dont spawn either, so many other issues
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      The return scrolls, the hidden village passes don't work. I tried going into Ursa but that doesn't work and the portal to leave Veil Island to go to Coast doesn't work either.
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        Have DCed 10 times in an hour and I never do. On Unicorn US


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          Undine 21:15 GMT+1

          Can not relog chars, game hangs.

          Feathers stopped work, i try relog, game hangs, i killed game. I can not login, logged already.

          Result: i can not play now.


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            This issue is happening on the US servers too. Any idea when this will be resolved?


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              They are still looking into the issues. The devs should be getting into the office (Korea time) and hopefully we'll get an update soon.

              Me too had issues in world, broken TPs and such.

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                We shall take all servers down for another maintenance at 2:30 AM UTC.


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                  We have deactivated the event until further notice. Lasting until next maintenance there is +25% EXP.


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                    DD S1 exps as normal.


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                      I checked EXP rate on all servers and it's +25%


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                        When does the event begin ?