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Wcoin and Coupon Code issues during weekend

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  • Wcoin and Coupon Code issues during weekend

    UPDATE (7 November):

    - All lost Wcoin have been refunded with Bonus Wcoin
    - Players having issues with Coupon Codes, need to send a ticket with a screenshot of the error message. We will verify requests one by one.

    Dear players,

    We experienced a database disconnection during the weekend that caused issues for payments and Wcoin redemption. Find details below.

    2018/11/03 7:23:40 ~ 2018/11/04 3:51:57 UTC

    Servers affected:
    EU - Serafin, Eden
    FR - Abhuva, Lamia
    DE - Mephisto, Minotaurus

    As a result:
    - Any item purchased in the in-game shop, would not be added to the Shop Window.
    - Any Coupon Code redeemed would return an error instead.

    We are currently extracting the list of players affected in order to issue Wcoin refunds in the first case, and item reimbursements in the second case.

    We hope refunds and reimbursements will be delivered already tomorrow, but it may take longer. We shall post an update here once done.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your kind understanding.

    Your Rappelz Team

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    US - candy - code - does not work.



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      transaction number: 5224926 and 5224950 on lamia server player durandil... Wcoin disapeared no objet.


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        Dear Players,

        Find an update below:

        UPDATE (7 November):

        - All lost Wcoin have been refunded with Bonus Wcoin
        - Players having issues with Coupon Codes, need to send a ticket with a screenshot of the error message. We will verify requests one by one.

        Your Webzen Team


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          That's very reasonable to demand a screenshot of the error messages from several days ago, thank you very much.
          i myself got an error message while trying to use the 3 candy's code. That was days ago.
          i immediately created a ticket, but it would be too much work to check if i got the items from the code already or not i guess.

          Well it was free anyway, but demanding a screenshot of the error message days after it happened, is just like saying we can forget it.


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            You can attempt to redeem it again and take a new screenshot.


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              16:49 NOV 07, 2018
              11:38 NOV 08, 2018
              Rappelz > General
              code eror
              Dettagli Ticket

              16:49 NOV 07, 2018
              halloween event, 10 sugar money received code that gives error.
              16:49 NOV 07, 2018
              We would like to confirm that your ticket is currently being processed. We will notify you by email once the status of your ticket has been updated. You can check the progress of your ticket by going to the My Tickets section on the website.
              11:38 NOV 08, 2018

              Thank you for contacting Rappelz Customer Support.

              We are sorry to hear about the issue with regards to Coupon Code Redemption and WCoin Cash Shop Purchase.

              Please be informed that all lost Wcoin purchases has been refunded back to all players account who experienced this kind of issue last weekend. Also, players having issues with Coupon Code Redemption will need to send a new ticket with the screenshot of the error message. We will verify requests one by one.

              Here is our official forums link topic for your reference:

              Again, we are really sorry what this issue has caused you. Should you have any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

              Rappelz Support Team

              The official FAQs offer more information regarding our policies and procedures. You may find them here:

              <a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="C9 FAQ" title="C9 FAQ"/></a><img src="" alt="FlyFF FAQ" title="FlyFF FAQ"/></a><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="MU Online FAQ" title="MU Online FAQ"/></a><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Rappelz FAQ" title="Rappelz FAQ"/></a>


              ?????? Why the same answer
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                you can not take a screenshot after a few days.
                it is not possible to redeem it again because it is already redeemed.
                if you want I'll get a screenshot now: "Ops error can not send gifts to your inventory".
                now it's clear ?? you have understood?? or do I also do the design ??
                Greetings na minchia


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                  have to correct myself here, after being disappointed because my first ticket just got closed and a screenshot of the error was demanded, i wrote a new ticket just with the new error message. (which was completely different from the database error on last saturday)

                  Only some hours later i got a new code which worked perfectly fine.

                  thanks a lot!


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                    hi, my 10 candy code is error. not send item's my charecter


                    PvP Sefarin - Grandmerlin


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                      why can not I exchange 10 sweets for prizes
                      once I exchanged sweets and now I can not exchange 10 candies or 1 candy for prizes


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                        i sent the first ticket 6 days ago ... no answer i try to send another one,... no response.....


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                          İ don't have a screenshot, i collect 24 halloven ticket and i get the code but i cant redeem it,and i lost code because halloven page is closed