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US 12th anniversary The Archives of the Past

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  • US 12th anniversary The Archives of the Past

    Hello everyone,

    You thought it would be over? You thought we were done after 11? But you were wrong! Tomorrow, 3rd of November is the 12th year anniversary of the publication of US Rappelz.
    The Rappelz team would like to thank the Rappelz community for their support with the return of a slightly amended version of the "Archives of the Past" event.

    The Archives of The Past

    It’s an edict from Lucian! He ordered that every historical text of Gaïa will be gathered so the regale historian can write the story of the kingdom. Unfortunately, many important documents have been lost throughout the years and we will need the effort of all the citizen able to hold a weapon to find these lost archives. Please Lucian and he will share his power with you!

    From Friday 2nd to Tuesday 13th of November, the US servers: Betrayal, Undine and Unicorn will benefit from the event The Archives of the Past.

    During this event the players will have to collect the history of the US servers by collecting Ancient Archives which can be dropped from:

    - All monsters and bosses from: Cube, Circus (Excluding Lilith and Mephisto), Remains of the Ancients (Excluding Crystal Golem and Bloody Slaughterer) and Devildom
    - All bosses from Temple of the Ancients, Lost Souls. Exile and Underground.
    - The Witches in Underground.
    - Summoned monsters on the Island of the Forgotten Gods.

    For this event, we have directly changed the monster item drops. This means that a higher drop rate will influence how many items you get. This can be done via the Billionaire, Lucky Potions, Grace etc.

    Once these Ancient Archives are collected, you will have to take them to the Hidden village Guide. Trading them will allow you to choose between items or buffs and items, the buff length and the items given will depend on the number of Ancient Archives you trade as described on the table below:

    Buffs + Items


    Also, you will have to work as a server because the more Ancient Archives traded, the more powerful the buff will become as described in the tables below:

    Click the above table to view an enlarged version.
    Scroll of Refresh and Scroll of Pet Power will not work when buffs from the NPC are active!

    Lucian himself will reward the player who donated the most archives with 12000 Wcoins worth of cash shop items (12 R7 Ancient Strike Cubes, 12 R7 Ancient Defense Cubes, 24 E-Protects).

    As you donate more archives, the Hidden Village Guide will unlock new anecdotes about the US server history. Read countless fun facts and reminders to trigger some nostalgia!

    Happy birthday US Rappelz!

    Your Rappelz team

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    Known Issues:

    - There's a translation error at the Guide NPC - This will be fixed soon.
    - Ranking for the 12k Wcoin of items includes the previous time the event was ran. We will post an updated ranking for each server throughout the event (First to be posted on Monday).


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      it's monday

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    Top 50
    Player Name Amount Server
    Minotaur 13310 Unicorn
    VioletRaven 12465 Undine
    confusion 8215 Unicorn
    Asensio 6125 Unicorn
    XasSaSsInX 5353 Betrayal
    illUka 4680 Betrayal
    Rosacea 3553 Undine
    fanattik 3425 Undine
    Beduhn 3235 Betrayal
    Darksean 3230 Unicorn
    Tweechy 2995 Unicorn
    Malevich 2905 Betrayal
    CursedByFate 2860 Betrayal
    Nikaia 2796 Betrayal
    SuperCowboy 2692 Undine
    shiizuro 2580 Undine
    ControlledPain 2555 Unicorn
    Varanai 2545 Unicorn
    KOHbCEPBA 2500 Undine
    ZIZAS 2440 Undine
    ValarMorghulis 2385 Unicorn
    DNAxSUMMONER 2376 Betrayal
    GuiltyAllTheSame 2250 Undine
    Norski 2155 Unicorn
    JyJy 2130 Unicorn
    LanceGoodthrust 2100 Betrayal
    LastFiddler 2055 Betrayal
    Neo65 2006 Undine
    BladesOfTorment 2005 Unicorn
    PaNiCoOOo 1896 Undine
    Systemoad 1865 Unicorn
    FireLights 1865 Undine
    JieunIU 1810 Undine
    AtomicDestruction 1735 Undine
    RageOfPain 1700 Betrayal
    Ulthan3 1650 Betrayal
    xXxMinervAxXx 1580 Betrayal
    xXNIDASXx 1570 Undine
    Alshua 1565 Undine
    LordCriis 1543 Undine
    TheSnowman 1510 Betrayal
    ThunderRising 1490 Undine
    CelesteVG 1465 Betrayal
    DiesAlot 1440 Unicorn
    MwarMerc 1415 Undine
    Mykelll 1385 Unicorn
    InFernakO 1371 Betrayal
    MikasaAckerman 1350 Unicorn
    Meraki 1345 Betrayal
    KarasRevival 1340 Undine

    Includes all.
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      And Oracle?
      45min on heaven and 150 min on buff but no chance to recylce my Heaven cause scrolls wont work?

      Originally posted by Nazgul View Post
      Scroll of Refresh and Scroll of Pet Power will not work when buffs from the NPC are active!

      Also.... has event not been implemented yet or is drop rate just so low cause you pre-calculated players using lp's and grace's?


      • MrShow
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        Yea this??
        If we can't refresh the buffs then it's not even worth maybe because we are losing a huge chunk of 20% P.atk and M.atk

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      note: the Insight buff hasn't been updated with the buff that it has gotten, so at lvl 11 it's still lower than a 3 envision pieces, lvl 160 +5 insight buff


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        I like this NPC. You can trade for items only, without losing ur buffs [i will milk these purge buffs till the last second]. And it gives a warning if you accidentally click on buffs. V nice.
        My youtube channel


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          So do we need an HV pass to take part in this event?