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Phase 3.1 - Reviac server, Make the server banner!

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    This took aaaages to make... I'm not good with image editing software.

    ManiKatti Betrayal/Reviac


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      These been sitting on my puter for a bit.. Posting them for fun!

      With Webzen's logo

      EvaCassidy - Undine & Betty
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      The game being a bad boy, Webzenianz? Go here: Helpdesk and Comment Card
      Cater to your customers, or someone else will!
      I gotta have more cowbell!!


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        I´m having quite the hard time uploading my images, as it constantly comes up with a "Your file of 131532 bytes exceeds the limit of 1." message.
        I´ve checked the other posts and don´t understand if I´m somehow too dense to figure my mistake out or am simply misunderstanding what the others have (maybe) done differently, as their file sizes are similar to mine.
        That prefix out of the way I chose to upload the images to Imgur and link them here.
        Hopefully this way is acceptable and not too inconvenient because it´s the 14th already and I´ve got no other choice I guess.
        I also sincerely apologize for this wall of text...

        Now for the real post^^
        I´ve chosen to stay a little simple with the design, mostly because I´ve well and truly not had enough time to realize my initial ideas of making for example an imprint like, double line border as if the image was folded at the edges and adding all kinds of little effects and colour trickery with precise brush strokes to accentuate important bits of the image. But as I´ve said these were my first thoughts when conceptualizing the dream banner, before reality brought me back into the hectic life with countless sleepless nights (and days) I´m forced to lead.
        So alas there was no time for me to really get into my endeavour and see it come to fruition. I still of course hope you like the banner that came to be^^

        TL;DR Life´s a bitch and didn´t let me do what i wanted; still hope you´re amicably satisfied with the outcome.
        One version with and one without the Rappelz logo.

        Elitessa - Undine
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        • Tellarian
          Tellarian commented
          Editing a comment
          Thanks to the wonderful (MOD)Eva the post now shows pictures^^
          Sorry that i had to bother you so much :-)
          If it isn´t too much to ask, I would really like to know what the reason was that I couldn´t get the process to work and if it was my fault or something else?
          Again thank you very much for the quick help ;-)

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        I desided to draw mine coz I think it still better then copy paste XD


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          If we can make a choice i like the one from "Gouron" 3-rd one the ones with Undine and Betty heads.


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            Hello people,

            The submissions are over.

            Thanks for participating.


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              i dont want to bother u guys from webzen, but tomorrow is the merge. when we will know the winner of the contest?


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                The winner of the contest will be revealed tomorrow when servers open, you will see which banner has been chosen. We will make an official congratulations post with honorable mentions after that.