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Phase 3.1 - Reviac server, Make the server banner!

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  • Phase 3.1 - Reviac server, Make the server banner!

    Dear players,

    The last thing needed for the new merged server is a proper banner!

    So following good old traditions, we ask you to create a banner for the future Reviac server.

    - Submit a banner in JPEG/PNG format 450 x 150 pixels.
    - The banner must contain the server name and the server slogan which is "The Devil's domain".
    - The staff will choose the winner.

    Prizes for the banner that is used:
    - 1 Boss Card of your choice.
    - 6 T-protect Mirror.
    - 6 Summoning Scroll of your choice.
    - 20 Reviac transformation potions.

    On top of the winner, we will select a certain number of "Honorable mention" those players will win 20 Reviac transformation potions.

    Don't forget that images must be 450 x 150 Pixels and JPEG or PNG format. They also must be original pieces of work!

    Please submit your banner in this thread and don’t forget to mention your character and server name.

    Submission will close on the 14th of October, the winner will be announced shortly after.

    I added a PNG of Reviac to help you out, but feel free to not use it if you don't want to:

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    Owww, now I wish I was good with making pictures rather than arranging words. Unfortunately my image editing skills start and end with MS Paint!


    • Supercowboy
      Supercowboy commented
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      I agree! Shouldn't our Slogan winner (noire) also receive a lil something?

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    Character name: Takeshii
    Server: Unicorn PVE
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    • Marduque
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      top the best

    • Issamu97
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      Nice one bro !

    • NextStage
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      I wish I could do better than that, good job !

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    • Unbekanntx
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      lol go back to your german server and farm by yourself your boss card you greedy *****... this is for us servers

    • JaimeLannister
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      I know It is, that's why I didn't mention my In-game/Server name, I don't want rewards, I just enjoy using paint lol
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    Character Name: NeTx
    Server: Undine PVP


    • Karllos
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      This is amazing!!!!!

    • AsunaRappelz
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      I realy like this banner

    • LordCriis
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      perfect, nice, nice

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    Character name: Missquece
    Server: Undine PVP
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    • Thayess
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      very good!!!!!

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    after the page where i upload the banner delete them, i need to repost the banners

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    • Hitsuyga
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      These are my favourite. Clean, simple, and includes betty+undine in the orbs. Hope you win

    • Sonytech
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      All of them are awesome, but the third one is just the best !!!

    • Gouron
      Gouron commented
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      thank you guys. i like the third one also more, coz of two reasons the wording is better to read and of coz the faces of an undine and betty in the orbs, but i want to show all my ideas and the progress of making a banner

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    Original Idea


    No quality loss download: Link

    Character Name: KenjiKamiya
    Server: Undine

    The reasoning behind adding Yushiva as an option is due to the lore. Put shortly, Devildom wouldn't be possible without her since she was the one that imprisoned her son Reviac in it because he killed his father. Shows her sadness and how she is guarding Gaia from him.

    Note: If selected, it could be edited so Rappelz logo is or isn't present; same goes for Yushiva.


    • Wantmytip
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      The red one (third alternative) is my favourite

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    Character Name: 50Shades
    Server: Undine
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      My entry

      Character name: Klaig
      Server: Undine and Betty


      • Tozoidity
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        Ahahaha nice

      • Zubar
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        legend lol

      • MrShow
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        lmao i like this one.

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      My entry:

      My youtube channel


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        My turn:

        Character name: Corrporal
        Server: Undine


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          made one,
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            After some time working and gathering some resources to use as a background from the game, this is what I came up with. Since there wasn't a limit (i think) I went ahead and made a few.

            Character Name: AbsoluteFrost
            Server: Undine

            P.s They are not all the same, some have different fonts so hopefully I don't get banned for spam lol and background images are from the game itself.

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            • Klaig
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              Only 3 submissions .

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            tugapr0 server betrayal