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[Reviac] - Betrayal and Undine Merge - Postponed

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  • [Reviac] - Betrayal and Undine Merge - Postponed

    Hello everyone,

    During our final steps of QA, we noticed a severe issue that has forced us to postpone the merging date. The relevant teams are working hard to fix this in order for it to happen as soon as possible. However since the fix is not yet in place and we need to account for additional QA time, we cannot commit to Tuesday, 2nd October.

    Please accept our sincere apologies.
    As soon as we have a new date to share, we shall.

    Your Rappelz team

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    thats good news
    so i hope before """christmas""" we can merge !!!!!!


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      Sigh.. this was the only thing we were looking forward to. You guys are letting the ball drop way too often lately.
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        Take all the time you want! Maybe merge them in November of next year
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        • Avengers1
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          hahahaha u bet
          with this u wish comes true

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        Saw this coming... Have any deadlines ever been met by Webzen? This is why gpotato was 1000x better they just left you in the dark and when something changed you were super happy about it cause it was a surprise. Webzen just announces stuff then lets their players down by not meeting deadlines and pushing things back. P.S. Don't use the excuse that Webzen has no control and blame it on gala / devs.


        • Fainewedd
          Fainewedd commented
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          otherwise you could'd be happy, that there are thoroughly tests to avoid hundreds of missing items and or other unwelcome side effects. But yeah, to be angry / disappointed is waaay easier...
          every time just a blaming game...

        • (MOD)Eva
          (MOD)Eva commented
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          It happens, especially dealing with servers and databases. Rather see the merge delayed and done properly then rush in and have the server have major issues and people lodging tickets and stuff saying this was borked, that was missing, etc.

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        Dam, and here I thought of coming back on the merge date. Back to hibernation!


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          Better to have a proper merge than a broken one. Not like I am in a rush for a merge; what I am really waiting for is the next wave of class balance changes.


          • Imposter
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            Same here. Although, after the merge I wouldn't getting together and talking Kenshin

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          Hi, is there an update on ETA of merger. Would be nice to know what is happening.


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            Originally posted by Tegwen View Post
            Hi, is there an update on ETA of merger. Would be nice to know what is happening.

            I believe they are still working on the issue that's holding up the merge. I'm sure once a solution is found and can be applied, one of the GMs will post an update for us.

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              As seen here: link

              Originally posted by Klaig View Post
              On this news you can find the server merge FAQ,
              the merge will happen on Tuesday 23rd of October 2018.
              Important things: forum rules - what Mods can & can't do - customer support ticket area