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Speedrun League: Season 1

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    I think it would be cooler than 4*-10* place, get some reward as well, as they are competing with all the servers


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      Due to the buffs provided by the Halloween event any Speed Run submitted during the event period will be invalid, also we are suspending the League reward for this month.

      Thanks for your understanding.


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        Hello everyone we are pleased to announce the reopening of the Speed ​​Run League, from today you can post your performance for this month. Keep in mind that the run you post must be done between February 1st and February 28th when you will receive your rewards, here are the records to beat:

        1st place: The Outcast 12min12
        2nd place : SpeedRunGang 13min 57
        3rd place : ToutDouxBinks 14min 45
        4th place : Speedrunner Mephisto 15min 32
        5th place : Pasdinspi 19min 38
        6th place : DarkStars 25min 16

        The following items have been added to the forbidden item list:

        Purse of Dark Invocations
        Purse of Dark Powers


        • PrinnyOverlord
          PrinnyOverlord commented
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          You do know that in the original post you put the purse items in the must have section for videos, instead of on the forbidden list.

        • Klaig
          Klaig commented
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          Sorry I will fix that ^^.

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        Hello players,

        As the rules describes speed run done during buff events are invalid. Since the anniversary event has been extended by 1 more week and will finish the 5th of March, we will give rewards for the speed run the 12th of March to leave one more week for the competitors.

        Thanks for your understanding.


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          The results of last month speed run league are finally out, here is the ranking:

          1st place: ToutDouxBinks 9min18
          2nd place: MINNOTTOR 11min 53
          3rd place: The Outcast 12min12
          4th place : SpeedRunGang 13min 57
          5th place: ToutDouxBinks 14min 45
          6th place : Speedrunner Mephisto 15min 32
          7th place : Pasdinspi 19min 38
          8th place : DarkStars 25min 16

          You will receive your rewards today.

          Congratulations to team ToutDouxBinks for their performance, please send us a ticket including all needed details so we can craft your custom cloak.

          Due to major class balance changes we will put on hold the league and reopen for a Second season with a reset of the ranking.

          Thanks to all participants