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Patch Notes - 6th February

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  • Patch Notes - 6th February


    Please find details about the weekly maintenance below.

    Maintenance time: 6th February 2018

    Game Maintenance:
    Time converter at

    Portal Maintenance:
    Time converter at

    Game Maintenance:

    • 07:00 – 12:00 [UTC]
    • FR, DE, PL, IT: 08:00 – 13:00 [UTC +1]
    • TR: 09:00 – 14:00 [UTC +2]
    • US: 02:00 - 07:00 [ET]

    Portal Maintenance:
    • 07:00 – 09:00 [UTC]
    • FR, DE, PL, IT: 08:00 – 10:00 [UTC +1]
    • TR: 09:00 – 11:00 [UTC +2]
    • US: 02:00 - 04:00 [ET]

    - Servers restarted.
    - Character transfers processed during maintenance.
    - Pet level cap increased from level 180 to 190.
    -- When a pet reaches level 190, they will be able to learn new levels of their unity (up to a maximum of level 25, depending on the stage).
    -- When a soul pet reaches level 190, they will be able to learn an additional 5 levels of the soul pet's spirit-skill passive.
    -- When a pet reaches level 190, they can learn level-2 Creation: Potion.
    -- When a pet reaches level 190, they can learn level-2 Creation: Material.
    - Curious Wooden Box and Relic Box of Peace have been changed to now give Enhanced Teardrops instead of Teardrops.
    - Altered Pieces giving +25 basic stats can no longer be used on other players.
    - Some skill cooldowns and base durations have been updated as below:


    - Start of "Where's Cupid?!"

    We remind you that all updates will have to be confirmed during maintenance, and are subject to possible changes.
    During portal maintenance there will be limited access to game Launcher and Webzen Portal, therefore you may not be able to access the game during this time frame.

    Kind Regards,
    Your Rappelz Team
    Last edited by Nazgul; 07-02-18, 11:34 AM. Reason: Pet level cap increase was fixed 07/02

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    This game has just gotten stupid. New pet skills at 190? Really? Why not another impossible level of 180? Why not make it incremental starting at 170? Oh, cuz you never thought of that. You are so detached from this game you have no idea what that takes for the average player.

    *** BlackWhatever: Where are all these 180 pets? 190 pets aren't even out and you think its easy. Most pets are 150 & 160 in auction and sometimes 170, but never even close to 180. This game is being tailored for the bulkers.

    *** Hitsuyga: Summoners got their "dual pet" unities removed and now you think that everyone is 190 just so they can get back to where they were before the nerf. It shows how lost bulkers are from reality. You should really be a GM Hitsuyga.
    Last edited by SeymourB; 06-02-18, 12:56 AM. Reason: Reply To Hitsuyga


    • BlackBook
      BlackBook commented
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      how about you stop complaining and put a little work into the game, it's very easy to get 190 and pets level super fast. you are so detached from playing and want things handed to you, stop crying and start grinding.

    • Hitsuyga
      Hitsuyga commented
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      Anyone 180+ who still farms would have a pet that is close to or is 180... That's a large chunk of population. That's still too low for the new changes, i can see that, but this is a GRINDING game. Go GRIND yourselves to 190 and get the pets you want, if you want.

      Don't expect every new content released to have lower requirements so you can claim the rewards while not working nearly hard enough as those at 190+.

    • Returningafter1000yr
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      Well, not all people want/can level fast (myself included) because:

      a. Don't want to spend on gp and ss.
      b. Don't party at DD s3 because of gears
      c. Leveling at Rota sucks

      And by the way, there are more or less 175 chars at level 180+, even if they are all from different people and not alts, that's a very low population spread on three servers (us servers) versus the population that play thus IT IS NOT for the average player nor the common player, this is for hard core Rappelz players those that are in-game on a daily basis doing DD s3 runs 2-3 hours a day.

      I'll wait for the new witch quest or some other they come up to get from 153 to 175.

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    Why even change +25 altered pieces? You don't give as many of them as rewards now days. Why not just let players use them as they have for years? At least let players finish the ones they have. I have buffers that saved those up from the good old days and now they will be worthless. Oh, I see. You only want bulk wcoins buyers to have buffs.

    ***Nazgul: Then make it so it doesn't (+25 should never override a +50 or +100). But you don't have to make it so players can not cast on their alts. That really makes me mad because now I won't even get to use my +25 pieces.
    Last edited by SeymourB; 06-02-18, 12:49 AM.


    • Nazgul
      Nazgul commented
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      Because certain people would use them to override other player's cash shop pieces.

    • BlackBook
      BlackBook commented
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      ^ what he said, it's annoying.

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    ROA LF 160+HLP incoming. Cool pets getting an increase... good thing I'm working on a evoker slave to lvl pets... the HLP will be back ... well I guess is better than 1 tank and 7 leechers.

    I agree tho 190 is a bit high... maybe 175 would have been better it'll help out with DD... At 190 the character will be around 200 so pointless besides the pots to sell I would see no benefit till s4/5 come out. What' the point of making the op more op when theirs no need for it? Like getting the yushiva belt at 200 the benefit from it is very minimal that it looses its appeal.

    I'll wait to hit 190/200 when I need to getting there at this point is some what pointless for me waste of ss/growth... it'll take 1/2 of those ss/growth in about 6 months.


    • (MOD)Eva
      (MOD)Eva commented
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      I remember when the HLP thing was rampant and a few without them couldn't get DPs.

    • Imposter
      Imposter commented
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      It's all about the AOE kills now. Since Hell's Breath is the only (somewhat) reliable pet AOE, I doubt it will happen. And if it did happen, who would want to join it anyway? That would be a slow party.

    • Sandunguero
      Sandunguero commented
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      Guess everyone has to play slayer we can stop crying? what about pet class? try to lvl an MB to 200....even at 180 pets do very little dmg in DD S3...but guess everyone has to be a slayer or vm
      Last edited by Sandunguero; 06-02-18, 02:07 AM.

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    well i think that is awsome call it insentve to lvl your pets


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      meh 190 pets i cant even hit 180 there is no party for 175++ people, the best way to get 190-200 is be one of those +25 CS players chek the list there is no 190+ players +20/+22 they are all full +23 or higer and u can be sure most of full +25 people are just CS players that is the true we are getting more and more p2p why not just make like wow and just make people pay every month and then make the game less CS and most farm in game ... there is no way to get +25 with out use the CS NO real way, this game says "Free to play" but that is fake it is a " Free to Test the classes at low geared way " why we cant get ACS or ACD or epros in game ? why all the usefull things are in CS ? that is why most of people quit, there is not many things to farm in game but there is a LOT of things very shining and spensive at CS, i would like to see our Game mater or developers play the game for 1 year with out use the cs and see that is pointless play if you are not able to spend some $$ every day that i log in and see how p2p and how empty has become Rappelz i just feel Sad, this is sooooo wrong this game was so good from epic 1 to epic 7 ... now is becoming in a ghost town with no one doing partys the people just lvl up a char to 153 then with lucky some partys to get bored and never even hit 175 most of people quit at 160 when they see the real p2p endgame


      • HodorRespecT
        HodorRespecT commented
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        i no donate i +25 full

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      So where is patch for event?


      • #8
        BUG BUG PETS are still stuck at 180 100% can’t get higher !!!


        • ThunderNikk
          ThunderNikk commented
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          Look at the patch notes again. I am guessing the line drawn through the pet level cap increase means it was postponed.

      • #9
        -- When a soul pet reaches level 190, they will be able to learn an additional 5 levels of the soul pet's spirit-skill passive. <-- What skill does this refer to? The edens blessing passive or something else?


      • #10
        There was an emergency maintenance on Undine, I'm guessing on the other servers too. Can we have any info on what was changed, if anything?


      • #11
        crash event?


        • #12
          PETs over LVL are still buggy ! On master breeder pets in formation are not getting any experience !!!