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Trials of Devildom: Patch Notes

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  • Trials of Devildom: Patch Notes

    New Items

    • Collection cards added

    • Medusa's Shaper

    • [Boss Card] Yushiva – The Ice Maiden

    • Crystal of Devildom

    • Refined Crystal of Devildom

    • Red and Blue Potions Level 9

    New Dungeon: Devildom

    • To access the new dungeon, you must be level 175 and complete the new questline, starting at Friendly Mardukan Nakibu.

    • The new dungeon currently has 30 rooms. The rooms are split up into 3 stages, each one harder than the last.

    • You can directly enter Stage 2 after you have completed the quest [Party] Investigate the Dark Rift (1).
    • You can directly enter Stage 3 after you have completed the quest [Party] Investigate the Dark Rift (2).

    • Daily Quests added


    • Two new armor sets added: Nusylite's Armor and Fluminis's Armor

    • Shield of Janua (Shield)
    • Mirror of Janua (Magewall)
    • New Accessories: Yushiva's Blue Necklace, Yushiva's Red Earrings and Yushiva's Belt

    • Chaos Necklace and Chaos Stone separated.

    • It is now possible to equip two sets of earrings.
    • Belts have had their maximum slots upgraded from 6 to 8.

    • Durability removed from Master: Helm of Medusa
    • Final awakening system updated

    Skill Changes

    • A minimum cooldown of 0.1 seconds has been implemented for all skills.
    • Some skills have been changed

    • Some buffs have had their skill-card duration increased


    • Guild Buff system added

    • To create a guild you must be level 160 and it will now cost 100,000,000 Rupees


    • Pet EXP cap raised

    • At Stage 5, pets can now unlock an additional equipment slot.

    • Pets will now receive 50% less damage from monsters.
    • Animal Crackers now stack with Stamina Saver and Growth Potion.
    • Pet Evolution Stone: Fixed

    • Some pet healing skills have had their cooltime increased

    • Pet durability is now shown with number of deaths before it will break, against total number of deaths.

    • It's no longer required to target your pet to use a Creature Resurrection Scroll.

    Island of the Forgotten Gods

    • The EXP of all monsters has been adjusted
    • You can now trade 20 Signs of Forgotten Gods with Luciad Society Ruth in exchange for different rewards.


    • Two new titles

    • Some titles have had their bonuses updated


    • Level cap raised from 190 to 200

    • Job level increased from 60 to 100.

    • Base EXP increased to 150%
    • Party EXP increased

    User Interface

    • Inventory and Sort button moved to the top of the Inventory window.
    • More slots are shown in the inventory

    • Creature tab added to the top of the inventory

    • S-Pro and Cube-Skill have been added to the skill-card tab
    • Character Information window updated

    • Incoming damage and outgoing damage now have their own filter in the chat window


    • Some bosses have had their HP regen adjusted

    • Remains of the Ancients and Devildom added to dungeon teleporter.
    • Perfect Weapon Enchantment Transfer Scroll has been renamed to Perfect Enchantment Transfer Scroll. It now works on both weapons and armors and the main slot can have an enchantment of +15 (Previously clean).

    • Hidden Village Pass now has a 5-minute cooldown.
    • Hidden Village has had NPCs moved/removed.

    • Special HP and Special MP potion will now only use 1 potion at a time
    • Taming rate of unique summoning scrolls increased
    • Levels of Parallel World quest bosses increased

    • Equipment bags in Parallel World now stack
    • The respawn time of the bosses in the Vault of Lies reduced

    • Job Points increased for numerous quests
    • You can now make Upgraded Quick, Wind and Spell Potions by combining 10 of the respective Superior Potions.
    • Drop-rate penalty adjusted

    • Owner information for First and Second Lost Mines added to the Dungeon Teleporter
    • Multi-Client is now possible

    Kind regards,
    Your Rappelz team.
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    Holy crap lol, sadism nerfed to only 5%? wow thats really over board, the iteration we saw on KTS was 33%, same as in the RU region, stated that much too

    Do different region get different versions of balance?

    EDIT: Now since server is not live , i can go and look around VM skills.

    So far there are some skills changes that didnt even get listed in the notes.
    - Meteor Shower now has 200% M.atk scaling added.
    - There is now higher levels of Speedy spell and Skill cooldowntime reduced
    - Major Fire Arrow/Ligtning bolt skill card now reduced CD by -3% per level
    - Sadism's tooltip still says ''heals for 1.5% of damage dealt''
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      5% on sadism seems like an atrocious nerf. Whats up with that Nazgul ?


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        5% Sadism = VM items very cheap :P


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          Sadism nerfed to 5%? So your idea of balance is to cripple yet another class (after what happened to cardinal 2 years ago)? Sure, I can understand some adjustments to it, but 5% is overkill. I don't get it, I just don't get...why people think people with +25 gears and all possible cash shop items/buffs active are the absolute reality for everyone. Sure, VM had some kind of survivability with Sadism, but for that to be useful you needed good gears and a big hp pool to begin with. And in order to get that hp pool, you need to invest a lot in pieces, energies, enhanced pieces etc..which is a very expensive way of playing. So, no, a +25 geared VM with all possible buffs, energies, pieces, cs items is not the reality. VM could maybe have had the best of two worlds, but it required a lot of effort and a very expensive play style.
          What you just did is absolute overkill and has nothing to do with balance anymore in my very humble opinion. The KTS-adjustments to Sadism were fair, but this is not. But, well, I guess it is nice to know that the voice of jealous players yelling nerf, nerf, nerf is being heard. Seems like a bright future is ahead for the rebalancing.


          • Zidx
            Zidx commented
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            Imo they have done what they should have do e a long time ago. 5% is a bit much, like 10-15% would prolly do the trick. But in all seriousness... a VM needed a +0lv1 armor to survive, it was a friggin joke. welcome back to the ages of power over armor for VM's. They're exactly as they should be atm. Balanced with lower spams and higher HP/armor from Corrs.
            Regards - zidx, epic 4 DM / 172 Corr, 174 VM

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          Well, this is 'excited' epic for VM's. To go for rebirth/HOH but how to know which class will nerf next?


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            Sadism needed a nerf

            but 5% is too much of a nerf it killed the skill

            raise it to at least 20% or 30%

            overall most of the changes are good


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              !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              Inventory, OMG i want seet pet cards at pet equips!!!
              !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Unit cards - creature tab,
              Chalk of restoration - Other tab...

              What are they smoking?
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                Wow. This is beyond words. This is what you call rebalancing? Sadism with 5% is utterly useless.
                A VM won’t be able to even solo PW, ROA, s3 circus... WTH? Compared to its asuran counterpart which can tank better and hit 10m itself, this update bears itself to the insanity of asylum patients.
                Why give it the ability to be immortal for 4 epics, then nerf it to hell?

                And please don’t say it was from the devs, this is clearly a decision taken by the US GMs. Korea has 33% sadism atm. That alone would have been severe enough to prevent VMs from soloing the higher dungeons, but allows it to solo the exp oriented ones. This is a slap in the face for everyone who had the slightest faith in you guys. Give us the 33% sadism, not this crap you pass off as balancing.

                Perhaps what you call rebalancing is actually destroying each class systemically. It started with pet class, cardi, now they come for VM. Good luck slayer, I see a big nerf in your future.

                The original notes said ‘TBD’ regarding sadism. Where is the discussion? My CA gears were priced at at least 500b. Now they’re nothing more than fodder.
                Great job Nazgul with your idiotic idea of ‘rebalancing’. Way to include the community. I hope everyone realises their investments in this game is not safe in your hands.
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                • WhoIsThis
                  WhoIsThis commented
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                  Its damage is still one of the best. But whats the point of having damage if you cant solo?

                  And you really think armor makes any difference? xD +0 armor vs +25 armor you will get hit the same amount, its mage armor.

                • Kenshin
                  Kenshin commented
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                  You only perceive myself as hostile and obnoxious because i'm telling you a truth you don't want to see. It's like when you tell a little kid they peed themselves and they just throw a tantrum. When I am in the wrong, I am wrong. But it certainly isn't when you determine it; you lack the sense to judge that.

                  You are just frustrated that you spent a lot of money building up a character that you seem to struggle with as you mentioned in another comment. That is to be expected; but no one told you to dump your money on a class that by common sense was known to be broken in a powerful way; you should have known better. The signs were all over the place, basically the servers were so full of VM's that you would see parties with 3-4-5 VMs or more. In PvP VM simply had the upper hand, soloing bosses as well. There was an outburst of VM soloing bosses in youtube. You should have seen this coming, but you didn't and that's why you are frustrated, because it took you by surprise and all you can resort to now is throwing a fit against everyone, including people like GMs and I.

                  I love this sentence you typed: ''If you’re expecting that the games top class be nerfed to the ground without so much as a protest because ‘the nature of the classes’, you’re in the wrong game.'' It perfectly shows why you lack the average amount of gray matter in your brain. With it you basically said: this class is broken and made the game unbalanced, and because I spent so much in it, it should stay as is, irregardless if its unfair or the game goes to hell. You said it yourself, it's the nature of the class, if you want to go against it just because you tasted a power that should have never existed and liked it; that is your problem.

                  You might DP with others from time to time, but this is not about you if you haven't noticed. There are lots and lots of VM's out there that will simply solo. So in the end, YOU are in the wrong game. GMs are willing to make this game as balanced as possible and all you can do is whine instead of apport something useful; so immature.Try to be honest with yourself, you are only whining about this because it will affect your soloing game play because you struggle with such class already. Not because you won't be able to aid the party , If you wanted to, you'd know your job is to DD and CC, not necessarily tank. Maybe pt with people that know their roles.

                  If there's 1 person here losing it's sense of honesty is yourself. Spouting random anger towards GMs, and people that actually know about the game is making you look bad, real bad. People that have the smarts will acknowledge this to be true, the rest will shout some more, it's how people are.

                  If you can't solo currently with your +25 gears, I got bad news for you. You simply are a very unskilled player, and should probably change class or move on to other game :/

                  What you talk about is not the correct way, is what you want it to be because it was the most of a nerf you were expecting when you saw kts info. Again I repeat, the correct choice took you by surprise. You just contradicted yourself. You agreed that mage dd's should be squishy, then question me for saying what you agreed to, make up your mind.

                  The more you talk the more it's shown how you know so little about this game. Corruptors can't heal while attacking, Magus has to actually cast heals that have CDs to heal, not by DDing. You forgot to mention Oracle and Cardinal heals are waaaaaay inferior compared to magus. Any mage class with vit stones can tank if he knows how to play. For the record, Magus is a healer, Corruptor can't heal itself and is a DD. Oracle and Cardinals are healers too. If anything VM has a healing method that it shouldn't probably have at all.

                  If you knew anything about me you'd know I own all the classes, including VM and I am in no way bothered by this change, if anything, I like it. Makes the class more interesting and challenging to play but not to a point it's destroyed, too hard or impossible.

                  Thanks for letting me know that you spent time looking at our guild site. It's sad how you just showed everyone how you are so shallow and dumb enough to judge something that isn't even near completed. It's like listening to a song intro and instantly saying you don't like the whole song. Either way I can't honestly care less if you like it or not, it's for the guild and for other players that are willing to learn things and grow; and they love it up to now. This is basically your jealousy speaking, which is pathetic. Go ahead and make a better site if it bothers you so much. The fact that you felt like using it as an argument to try and counter me in some way simply shows what a sad cheap person you are. (It failed btw). I have to thank you again for promoting it even further, I like how more people were visiting it, more and more each time. Anyways the site will always be there, you will need it the most to learn a thing or two.

                  At least I am doing something useful for this community unlike you ;D

                  p.s. you said vms are as useful as my site, the real answer is, they actually are very useful, so thanks for the compliment.
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                • Majocue
                  Majocue commented
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                  apparently only the people who spend real money in the game are the ones who cry over these changes. It is very curious, since they can spend real money even if they play the same game as all, are infinitely superior to the rest of the mortals that we can not. In this great gap that is getting bigger is that they must start working to balance the game.

                  I am Vm from the beginning and for me it is the same cure 5% or 100% since as I can not spend real money in the store, at the speed that advances the game I never manage to become the best team of the moment. Then only in my imagination could have 80k of Hp currently, although it can cure me 100% would not make sense if I am eliminated with a 30-60k Dmg attack
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                Nazgul question whats happened with new BPOCs? No news about them?


                • #11
                  Sadism at 5% means you will have to spam more and avoid some damage instead of tanking. 5% of 10 million spam damage is still huge. Even 5% of your hp every spam is massive compared to other class heals.
                  A bit of learning and some actual skill might now be required instead of face planting the keyboard in the middle of 100 mobs and wiping them with two skills in three seconds.
                  Also means VM are no longer quite so strong in pvp which is a good thing.
                  Now to reach for my heal pet and change the heals!
                  Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.


                  • Whirlwind
                    Whirlwind commented
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                    Sadism is 5% of MaxHp not Damage...for real, and this is the informed community that has a say in rebalancing.

                  • Siriner
                    Siriner commented
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                    Has a say yes, but Gala will have the final decision : ), so not every idea will be added.

                  • WhoIsThis
                    WhoIsThis commented
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                    Jesus, you play this game everyday, since so many years and you didn't understand that the percentage we talking about is the max HP a VM can recover from 1 spam? They could even do 1 bilion damage, it wouldnt recover the cap, the 5% HP we talking about.

                    And if you think a VM could just "face planting the keyboard in the middle of 100 mobs" , once again you're just showing that you play this game while your brain is AFK.

                • #12
                  The funniest bit is the three hector cards for the collection. Maybe they have adjusted the drop rate....
                  Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.


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                    The change to Sadism is not final, it can change still. When VM is open for class balance discussion, there is a chance this can be reworked.

                    Void Mage is capable of dealing the most damage in the game, we feel that it should have a trade off of survivability in comparison to other classes.



                    • Whirlwind
                      Whirlwind commented
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                      I am sorry to say this MadHatteress, but the the Cardinal nerf was absolutely uncalled for. At the time it was done, Cardinal was way inferior damage wise towards the other mage classes, even oracle.

                    • Zidx
                      Zidx commented
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                      Make VM's glass cannon again!!! Make people log theirs Corruptors for added facetanking capabilities!!! I remember VM's being super-rare since people were juat tooooo noobs to survive them, while i was replacing Slayers for Hardmode dungeon pulling on mine. Get skilled or go home.

                    • 1BurningShadow
                      1BurningShadow commented
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                      well.. as way I see it nerf VMs sounds like good plan sell rb and bpoc's.. webzen working hard evry epic to get ppl lose they money that they put on they main class, that's what happened after evry epic, nerf Vms that about most fun class in game its not about balance its all about items that need to get cheaper.. when CA gears to OP best thing to get ppl lose cash that they get in to it, nerf the class, 5% sadisim usless and healing pets ussless to.. coz as aoe class that need to run in to mobs ( and a lot of mobs) 1st thing that happened its that ur pet die, so who ever said "use pet 4 heals" don't know what he is talking about I agree that there is no balance in game and the game became solo game.. but this is not solution if u want to solve this make gears +22 max.. give bk to ppl the rest as food ( if they have +25) this way u will need more then 1 person to hit mobs so ppl will want to pt with others.. this way the ppl that will get the food from +25 gears will use this food to make more then 1 class they best, and u will have more random classes in game, coz I'm sure its not easy just rb to other class then spend weeks sitting in flea half gearless in trys to sell +25 gears, I think it could make pvp more fun again, coz 1 shot each other its just stupid, and bring more ppl to get mad about it, coz u cant defend ur self against some1 with +25 gears and find more creative way to make cash out of cash shop then gamble on e-rep e-pro bpoc and more... make new items such as new helm.. charm for deco and maybe butterfly wings?

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                    And Alitiz pking at new dung...


                    • #15
                      Vm needed this nerf. Lots of people QQing just because 80% of the player base changed to VM because they acknowledged that the class was broken and its excess of power could be abused. Now things get balanced as they should and they pretend that VM wasnt the strongest class in game. In case you didn't get it: wake up people, VM is an Asura DD mage, nothing more, nothing less. Want heals for the most powerful damage dealing class? Pt with a healer.

                      P.s. Funny how people fail to notice the boosts VM got, basically make up for the most part for this decrease in sadism. Faster spams, faster heals. Less cd, heals are more frequent.
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                      • Kenshin
                        Kenshin commented
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                        You may perceive it as crap because you can't comprehend the information. That is entirely your problem. I am not saying to pt with a healer, the Devs, GMs and game itself are. It seems you are new to Rappelz but originally players needed to party up to be able to handle regular mobs in a dungeon, and would still die. There has been an insane power creep that made the game unblanced and players got used to soloing. When VM got greatly boosted to the point it was broken, basically everyone and their pet made a VM; because who wouldn't love to take advantage of a class that can dd the most, tank the most, heal the most, have the best AoE damage. MMORPG by definition should not be solo games. Mistakes are to be amended. VMs that know how to play are not even complaining about this, because they know that they in fact got boosted in different ways and with fast cast speed they can still heal in a good way. VMs with lvl 1 armor and no vit stones die. VMs correctly built, could tank using their CC + healing pets + Kyting. Saying VM has no healing source when it has a great healing source with that 5% as a mage DD shows your lack of intelligence. I didn't expect much from you anyways, but at least try to hide the fact that you fail to understand the situation.

                      • Whirlwind
                        Whirlwind commented
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                        There is no need to lower VM's damage, it is supposed to be the best dd in the game. It's healing ability/survivability has been crippled. If you aggro in party, there is still something called Darkness Saver.......actually works if you play smart.
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                      • Anto
                        Anto commented
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                        You must be playing VM wrong cause it has crazy damage. Why is it supposed to be the best DD in the game? That makes no sense at all, did the devs come on and tell you that? Na not really if ur skilled and play the class well you should be fine. In less they updated darkness saver that buff was made back in E3 so it needs to be reworked to the dmg the class dose now