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Dungeon PK - Judgement Time

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  • Dungeon PK - Judgement Time

    Citizens of Gaia!

    There have been mixed emotions coming from yourselves in-game, on the forums or via our support portal. For a while we have had the view of "Survival of the Fittest", however we feel this may no longer be the best approach and perhaps needs to be updated - especially when it comes to PKing in dungeons and players finding themselves unable to enjoy open dungeons on a regular basis.

    From 13th June until 27th June we are presenting a poll to yourselves, the community. The purpose of this poll is to find out how you would like us to treat PK in dungeons on the PvP servers:
    US: Betrayal and Undine
    FR: Abhuva
    DE: Mephisto
    EU: Serafin

    Option 1: PK to remain allowed in dungeons
    Option 2: PK to be disallowed in dungeons

    We have already approached Gala regarding this change, and due to undisclosed reasons, they are unable to remove PK in these areas. This means that if the change is to go ahead, it would still be possible to PK in the dungeons.

    First offenders will always be given a fair warning. However, we're not psychic, and victims would need to submit a ticket. A video would not be required, just a screenshot of the offender. If the offender continues to PK in a dungeon after a warning, increased suspensions will be given.

    This is a big change, something we do not wish to rush into, and one we do not want to make without gathering the thoughts of yourselves. Please feel free to discuss, either for or against the change. Although, please keep it civilised.

    Kind regards,
    Your Rappelz team.
    PK to remain allowed in dungeons
    PK to be disallowed in dungeons

    The poll is expired.

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    There was no option for "I play on Unicorn server" so I voted as if I were still playing on Undine.


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      At first I was worried whether players from other servers should have vote rights.

      On the other hand server transfer items are a thing and a pure PvE server player might consider switching servers depending on the vote, so I consider it fair for them to have vote rights, too.
      Important things: forum rules - what Mods can & can't do - customer support ticket area


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        Ugh. I'm torn.
        This isn't right. Turning off PK in dungeons has it's own problems. It is as abuse-able as having PK on in dungeons (hint: KSers)
        It will be like moving to unicorn, but without the 300% drop rate.
        I'd rather there be a third option, along the lines of 'not letting anyone PK in dungeons without a viable reason'.

        But after months and months of being harassed, pked, bullied by a certain group of people, and the fact that the PK guild is returning to undine soon, I reluctantly vote yes.

        Also, the paths leading upto the dungeon should have the same rules. With the instanced dungeon next epic, and players pking around sirage ruins, this is as important as disallowing PKing inside the dungeons.
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        • Laraki
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          +1 as well.

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        Why after 10 epics do you decide to do this? Also why is there no official announcement about ''updated'' pking regulations? I've been banned for 7days because of it and there's not one Mod who made me aware of this. How come that you just don't change damage pvp input to 10% of it's original instead of 30% what it currently is. (33% damage of what now is). Why does Webzen ban players without letting them even know they made new rules and the rule of fittest player does not apply anymore? This game is going downhill further and further. There is a PVE Server for a obvious reason. You should make a new poll about updated damage settings or either make 2 pve servers and 1pvp server with no pvp rules. And let players decide which they move to.


        • ThunderNikk
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          This is funny because this is still a vote and that means there are no updated PVP rules you must have been really bad, Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

        • (MOD)Hawk4hire
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          Please remember - forums are not the place to discuss bans or reasons thereof. If you have any objections to receiving a ban please send in a ticket to support. They are the only ones who can provide any reasons, if they so choose.

        • Mochatroid
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          Punishment for breaking the unofficial 'tool rule': priceless.

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        How about creating a different option to maybe Deter players from pking, rather than making it a yes or no answer? For example the morality system is pretty useless. Players need only farm for 20 minutes in order to gain enough morality from the Altar to be able to pk parties for a day without any fear of wrath etc (which should be more like a 50% debuff of stats and mov speed). Also how about making it so that flagged players have like a 10% chance of dropping any item if they die while flagged? As it stands at the moment, the only players that are actually losing out are the players that aren't allowed to party because certain players in the game abuse the system!


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          Note: I did not get ANY warning before getting randomly suspended without ANY announcement about updated pvp rules. Note 2: I sent a ticket to webzen asking for updated pvp rules and they replied with a BROKEN link. The GM's and MOD's make 2 major mistakes by banning without ever giving proper heads up and another one on not providing a list of rules ( a link that actually works -.-)


          • Nazgul
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            Rules here:

            Survival of the fittest does apply still, but not when it becomes harassment.

          • Bowchicawowow
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            Very contradicting. Survival of the fittest. What if my diet consists of pking people haha

          • Mochatroid
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            The tool rule, mang. Learn it, follow it, live it and love it.

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          Doh! I've accidentally voted in the poll trying to view the results, the vote shall be discredited when it's over.



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            i vote for no pk in dungeons.
            The biggest Problem is that some ppl just don't understand the difference between pvp,pk and harassment.
            Fair Pvp in any form is already impossible in Rappelz, so atleast don't camp someone and kill him 100 times over just because you easily CAN.


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              I vote for Pantera improved sistem. Let noobs who flag start dropping their +25 weapons with high rate and lower on pked or even none. They ll soon stop pking very fast...Plus much more fun on the server...and a lot of drama ofc..
              Don t transform all server in unicorns..........that s lame

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              • Warrah
                Warrah commented
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                Panteras previous system allowed everyone to drop items. victims also. that server failed. they then re-introduced the system onto the hardcore server a couple of epics back. that also failed. We kinda need it so its only the person with /pkon who will drop items

              • (MOD)Alexander
                (MOD)Alexander commented
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                I have been suggesting that flagged/rednamed players only can drop equipment for ages, apparently the idea does not seem to be convincing :-(

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              Correct. Corrected.


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                well ,, pk is so fun but not where people farming ! like they pay for stamina saver and GPS and they just got pked and waste all that !!


                • TankedUp
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                  i agree wit this comment

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                Pk in dungeons is big problem because guys with +25 gears going to kill new players thats unfair, they can kill in any place but not in dungeons.


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                  I think what this is basically saying is whether or not we want them to enforce the rules already in place. It is true they had a policy of “survival of the fittest”. Even so there were rules regarding pk that wasn’t allowed such as portal pk, and pk harassment. I think that the hard line of no pk in dungeons probably won’t fix things , but it is a first step . Our voice matters. The pkers on undine have been shouting all morning about Faith and our QQing and reporting. As citizens on Undine we were reporting abuses that were going on, not just to us, to other people as well. Our parties were not the only ones being harassed hourly/daily. We were just in dungeon more and they found us more often. This is about all of us on undine. There are a handful of people on server that like nothing better than to run ROA and pk parties. Sometimes they do it with bottles, sometimes not but they have kept returning to party sometimes they will pk party for full hour. One such pker today when they heard about the vote, said something along the lines of ….well you do realize if no pk allowed in dungeons we will just KS party . BUT although they might decide to pursue that avenue, I believe that would be considered harassment in general and as such would be reportable. Pvp in general I don’t have a problem with, but I do have a problem with ppl coming to dungeons and harassing parties for no good reason. Not just Faith parties, any party. People that know me know that to be truth.
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                    [flames removed]
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                    • Bruce
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                      lol. good luck