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    having a feeling that new island is going to be a big fail. Only looking forward to the event (which better be good) dailies are better and gear that most people will never have because its non-instanced (who thought of that idea)


    • Whirlwind
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      Pretty much this. It should have been instanced to give everyone a fair chance at farming their gears.
      I am only looking forward to the events and doing dailies to gain AP for the backpack (assuming the AP expert backpack fits in the new slot). Ofc, I will check out the new island, but just look at how many 170+ players the servers have. No way, all people can farm their gears in a non-instanced area like this. Only those with super gears and willing to ks.
      As someone was already suggesting....could have made the island instanced like PW/circus and once you spawned and killed one boss each platform, you have to leave and get a new entrance ticket.

    • Warr
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      I kinda enjoy non-instance or 'open' dungeons, they all used to be that way. I do hate the lvl cap requirements for them thou!
      I should be able to somewhere that I have no business being if I feel like it lol

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    • Boreas armor combination materials have been removed from the drop table.
    What does this mean? Only the materials get removed and the Stormguard armors will drop already weareable? Or will these 4 armors get removed from the game for no reason and hinder even more the customization options of the players even more?


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      On the PTS, the AP Daily quest gave me 200 AP each when I had an HV pass, did it get lowered in the final process?

      For backpacks are we able to equip Expert Bag there? the one where you get 20k AP for.

      Did the 20% reduced in ND items when selling to NPC get removed or missed?


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        [*]Rank 2 to rank 6 Amalgam and Invar have been removed from the Blacksmith.

        So does this mean we can only use +20 R7 stuff now to make a +21, Damn that sucks if so


        • Geologist
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          Yep all that you said will be true

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        Question about this: s
        kill card box: Master will now give 1 out of 16 possible boxes, narrowing the classes down further.

        So are they saying, you open a box... then you have to open another, class specific, box to get your skill... if so that seems like a pain in the butt...
        Sorry for the block of text, this forum does not like my cellphone.


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          Originally posted by Mardoqueo View Post
          Question about this: s
          kill card box: Master will now give 1 out of 16 possible boxes, narrowing the classes down further.

          So are they saying, you open a box... then you have to open another, class specific, box to get your skill... if so that seems like a pain in the butt...

          Yeah thats a pain in the backside just to get a crappy +1 skill card


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            Hello everyone,

            The servers are now open! Please be patient whilst we finish off with the event information. We're working as quickly as we can!

            Kind Regards,


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              Originally posted by Nazgul View Post
              Known Issues

              Sadly, with the update we have encountered some issues. Some have been logged at the time of PTS, others today during our internal testing. Rest assured we are trying to get each and every one of them resolved but we cannot provide a time frame yet.
              • If you try and switch character, the client will crash.
              • The new architecture of Rondo contains graphics inconsistency (Building, NPCs misplaced etc).
              • After completing a run in the Distorted Dungeon though the Hidden Village teleporter, you will be warped back to the wrong instance of Hidden Village causing NPC's to disappear.
              • Rank 2 to rank 6 Amalgam and Invar no longer work. We are looking into possible solutions to reimburse players who have some left over from Epic 9.3.
              • New weapons do not have an NPC sale price.
              • The Golden Week Event is only giving 1 box per day.
              Kind Regards,


              • Returningafter1000yr
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                I just hope that you look into these issues fast, I use crappy pcs to log slaves, so I lost a lot of time shutting down Rappelz client to change slave.

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              A few genuine questions, if Gm's can answer please :

              So the dev's put a stake in our butt, making r2 - r6 weapons totally crap. It was already hard to get +21 weapon for people who don't use cs much.

              The thing is I will get over this pain, over a period of time. Like I always have for now.

              The thing is what about gears that you drop from temples of ancient and those old dungeons ? t1 t2 t3 gears. What about those ? Can they be considered r7 please ? and used as food. Please make my day and say "Yes". I have a lot of t1 gears in my warehouse, that I was saving for my perfect circus gears. You see I am poor, my livelihood is based on pure farm and merchenting. Cs strictly for HV only.

              So it takes time for us to find good gears and have enough cash to up them to +20.

              Second question,

              I logged in on my buff account just to find out the login reward disappeared without me even opening it. It doesn't hurt, but I am still curious as to why ? Awaiting reply from GM's

              Third Question,

              So let me get this straight ? No matter how many consecutive hours we stay logged in, We are gonna receive 1 ticket per day only ? You guys are working on fixing it ? Where will we see the update ? that it has been fixed ? Will you make a post on launcher ? Or a post on board ?

              ~~One more question if I can squeeze in,

              What about buff ? I still cannot understand why the timers were reduced back to half an hour ? It doesn't really make sense .. To be honest, half the buffs usually expires by the time we reach the dungeon or party starts, with everyone inside the cubric dungeon. Its hard to manage buffslaves, running two comps continuously. From what I am guessing my login reward disappeared in order to combat that abuse of multiple account.

              If you guys managed to remove that abuse, don't you guys think, its high time we be allowed to use sandboxie again ? You guys do realize even though it was broken, but people still enjoyed having all the buffs. Now only people with multiple pc's enjoy this, but they still abuse it.

              I really think I am seeing a few fixes, to the uberly broken stuff, you guys released in epic 9.2 and epic 9.3. It really hit us hard back then, they made us miserable, all my friends left the game when they heard about +25 gears and all the feral gears becoming useless, I myself left for 8 months or so, just coming back this epic.

              Does Dev's have any plans to fix uber broken stuff called "the 0 sec cds on skills" anytime in the future ? I like how a merc farms with spamming wildstream continuously. Its funny seeing that thing, or how a VM farms with 0 secs on their skills ? Or is it really how you guys would like to see it ?

              These patch notes feels like small repair to the damage done, in the last 2 epics,
              for eg, how you can transfer your enchantments to new gears and a few more that I noticed. Moreover game shifting, more and more towards the farm and get item type, from ONLY CS TO WIN style, that webzen implemented.

              Thank you, for your time to answer my questions.

              Kind regards,

              A very old Rappelz player, like epic 2 level player.


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              do we know which classes got nerfed and which ones got buffed ?


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                1-New dungenon - none revelation
                2-errors when changing characters -game crashes
                3-Weeks test server did not help
                4-Private messages on the forum do not work for a month
                5-no instance on the new dungeon
                6-for a long time to wait for the transfer to the new dungeon

                Add not interested in me anymore This game is a zero creativity copy paste, weeks of tests and errors knocking the legs. And More More
                Another epic that will be the nail in your coffin SORRY. THX for Game BYE


                • AntyNoob
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                  I also thank you for playing anything these new epic not bring.

                • AntyNoob
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                  I also thank you for playing anything these new epic not bring.

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                My friend didnt go to the same daily pw dungeon that I did while in a party


                • ThunderNikk
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                  He probably used the incorrect pass to enter.

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                Am i missing something? maybe someone can help me out. i am trying to find the dedicated news of the Pluto's Trials. thank you in advance


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                  I noticed these things:
                  • Hate Aura
                    • Radius changed from 10 -> 12
                    • Lasting damage increased per skill level from 0% -> 1%
                  - There is no damage added to this skill. Not sure about range, There is a damage increase to Holy Aura, but not sure if the range changed as well.
                  • You can no longer obtain +1 for Monarch's Spiritual Awakening in the creature artifacts. Any existing artifacts with this skill shall be replaced with Master Devotion.
                  - This was implemented incorrectly. I kept all of my Monarch's Spiritual Awakening artifacts, but they no longer work. I did lose all of my Monarch's Body Awakening artifacts and gained Master Devotion ones. If it isn't possible to undo this change, could we at least have the Spiritual ones be changed to the Body ones?


                  • Noire
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                    I'm pleased you managed to find that Holy Aura now does more damage per level as I was upset that Hate Aura still did no damage.

                  • BahlUni
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                    I was curious about the lvl based % damage mod on a skill that doesn't do any base damage...
                    But I don't mind the inc to Holy Aura much either. It's about time using something over lvl1 gets useful

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                  Max durability of weapons has been increased as below this incress for all weapons and armors or only for new weapons ?


                  • Hunter
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                    all (old too)