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[PTS] How do I install the PTS

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  • [PTS] How do I install the PTS

    Hello dear community,

    If you wonder how you can access our Public Test Server (PTS) this is the right thread for you.
    Here is a quick guide:

    1) Create a new folder on your hard disk named "Rappelz PTS"

    2) Download and install the German Version of Rappelz ( into that folder.

    3) Run the original client once to receive the latest patch.

    4) Download the new PTS launcher here:

    5) Delete the old launcher in the "Rappelz PTS" folder and replace it with the one you just downloaded

    6) Start the new launcher in the folder "Rappelz PTS"

    7) Select your preferred language in the launcher (EN)

    IMPORTANT: Only download the PTS launcher via the link above!


    I get an error in the server selection screen, is this normal? Yes
    Has the experience, drop and Lak ratio been increased? Yes, on the test server you will gain more experience, Lak and drops.
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  • #2
    Followed the instructions.
    Getting Rappel-nProtext Box . err code[150]:Game Guard file does not exist or has been altered.
    Been send to a korean nProtect website.
    End of PTS Test.


    • Khementiri
      Khementiri commented
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      same error here

  • #3
    same problem... game guard


    • #4

      i hate gameguard so much .... SO MUCH


      • #5
        now i don't know if i want to try this server or now with all of you having problems. all tho i did and i say something about need a programs to open it


        • #6
          its a problem with the launcher i believe, i tried copying the updated GG files from the live server but still get the same issue.


          • #7
            Hey guys,

            i encountered the same issue (GameGuard error 150) on my machine with the US client. I then created a PTS install with the German client (available here) and could login without any issues. I'll update the news / guide accordingly.


            • #8
              the PTS launcher dosnt work on my lappy it just asks what program i want to use to open the file? any help please


              • #9
                The launcher is packed in the 7z (7zip) format. You'll have to unpack it first.


                • #10
                  cant understand german, i would be better off in the japanese release where at least 2/3rds of the language i understand lol

                  guess its a wait for gameguard to take its fist out of my
                  bass, fishing? haven't tried it


                  • #11
                    You only use the German client as a base for the PTS install. You can change the Game language to EN in the PTS launcher.


                    • BrownBags
                      BrownBags commented
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                      why does the luancher exe keep redownlaoding the same stuff please do tell

                  • #12
                    (CM)Neightril invite on Polish forum and answer the questions.
                    Last edited by Phenomen; 12-08-2014, 03:31 PM.


                    • BrownBags
                      BrownBags commented
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                      ok so i have to redown load rapplez all togather come on why doesnt the old pts luancher work and the new one just trys to redownload the luanchrer exe over and over agin

                  • #13
                    Please not another 2.3 Gb to my pc (already Dead) PTS (FAIL)


                    • #14
                      Ähmm Neightril mal ne frage hier auf der Englischen Seite wird gesagt man soll den Deutschen Clienten runterladen, auf der Deutschen Seite soll man den US Clienten laden, ich kapier da irgendwie nicht den Sinn!


                      • (CM)Neightril
                        (CM)Neightril commented
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                        In beiden Fällen den dt. client benutzen (offensichtlich gibt's die GG Probleme nur mit dem US Client) - ich hab die News entsprechend angepasst.

                      • RainGogeta
                        RainGogeta commented
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                        @Neightril ok danke ^^

                    • #15
                      CM where are NPC ?! This is [...] server !!!!!!
                      Last edited by (CM)Neightril; 13-08-2014, 08:17 AM. Reason: language


                      • #16
                        why is the letter G so offensive?


                        • #17
                          So... How do i install it XD... I might soud dumb, but i downloaded rappelz DE client, and it says is a "self-extracting archive" when i click extract it just says
                          "Can not open file [pathfile]\Rappelz_DE_8.3.exe" as archive...

                          Any suggestion?


                          • #18
                            It is obviously an error with the English gameguard.des file.

                            Isn't there a way for you to provide the German gameguard.des file for us?


                            • MadHatteress
                              MadHatteress commented
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                              Did you make it work at some point? If yes, was the gameguard.des really the only file required to make it work?

                              I don't plan to waste hours with downloading a full second launcher again, if copy + paste the current one and exchanging one file gets the deal done...

                            • ThunderNikk
                              ThunderNikk commented
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                              No verification yet that it would work no.

                              I don't have the German client so I don't have the German gameguard.des to try it.

                            • (MOD)Alexander
                              (MOD)Alexander commented
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                              Nope, if anything you need the entire up-to-date german gameguard folder - and even then you end up with a defective client, so just get the full EU client and don't bother experimenting o.O

                          • #19
                            so i Download and install from the German page and all unzip the file and it opens after selecting the langues it goes up 99% and then it goes green if i press continue and pop the same again... what am I doing doing wrong???


                            • #20
                              Yep I tried it too and got GG error too!
                              Need to submit a ticket? Click
                              1) Choose the category of your issue.
                              2) See if any of the listed articles resolve your issue.
                              3) If none of the articles resolve your issue, you can click on the most relevant article to submit a ticket.


                              • #21
                                i managed to get the PTS to work. After i realized that they didnt make things much easier from last PTS i gave up. I just dont find it fun having to grind up to 160 even at 200x exp in shit gear.


                                • #22
                                  yeah doing the whole wq1/wq2/trials/manastone regardless of exp rate, no thanks

                                  npc to get mc and 5 tp or no thanks


                                  • #23
                                    didnt even take more than an hour or so to get from lvl 10 to 90.... in pp1 with r1 gear... this is ridiculous.


                                    • Athyra
                                      Athyra commented
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                                      sounds like you got some nice buffs from someone, the +300 ones?

                                      seems no one else got those

                                    • Tehmoe01
                                      Tehmoe01 commented
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                                      actually no. level 10got pieces and ss. popped pieces and ss and gotinto a party. we all had pets andsomeone was lucky enough to get rf pet. we killed all of m1 til we reached 65ish. went to lm2 right away after going back to town(no dungeon tele sucks) played there til 80. went to pp1 got to 90. total time ws about 1ss and 1/3 into the second ss. this included town time. exp rate in the game was so fast i couldnt enjoy being in a dp.. its like once we got to lm... we got to level 80 and th exp dropped to almost half within 15 min. not enough time to even get gear from drops... it was ridiculous. all the gear i gotweren't for my character. dm/wl gear doesnt drop apparently :/ ... also we had healer and huna in dp. so natural buffs were nice too.

                                  • #24
                                    1. no drop soul card or I haven't luck (114 lvl and anyone)
                                    2. where is this fuck customs npc's?


                                    • #25
                                      CM/GM give me fuck the buff and give npc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!