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  • [PTS] Policy

    Test Server rates:

    Experience x200
    Rupee rates x20
    Laks x5
    Drop rate x20

    What are the rules?
    • The general rules applied to the current EU/US Servers will apply also to PTS but, as stated below, GMs/CMs will not offer support in case of Scam, PK Rules violation or any other infringement. They, anyway, reserve the right to take action in order to keep an enjoyable environment as the PTS is supposed to be.
    • Please remember that rules such as (but not limited to) correct behavior, language or character/pet naming are in place on the PTS. The priority is to test a new release, and this should be done in the best and most friendly environment possible.
    • Failure to comply these rules may result in a ban from the PTS
    • The PTS is available for all players. You just need to create a character for the PTS, that’s it!
    • Only one PTS will be opened, with players coming from US, DE, IT, PL, TR and FR territories.
    • Empty strings of text should be reported to us, just like any other bug not reported already.
    Whey they are on the PTS for:
    • The rules will apply in order to comply with the main goal of the PTS: bug reporting on the last update.
    • The PTS will be closed on 08/26/2014 (Update!). This date is subject to change if required.
    • The PTS will be available for a variable period of time prior to big updates releases. The PTS may be open to public. Please regularly check our official website to know when the PTS will be opened.
    • Players will not have any right on characters created on the PTS.
    • Players will not have any right on the belongings of PTS characters.
    • Players will not be able to transfer characters or items from the PTS to official servers.
    • Players guilty of SEVERE rules violation may result in a temporary/permanent ban of the account on the official servers.
    • Due to the nature itself of the Public Test Server, characters created on the PTS can be reset/deleted at any time for any reason. A few examples of this could be: data loss, testing purposes, full reset, etc. Please note that once the testing period is over, the PTS server is wiped entirely, therefore resulting in all PTS characters being deleted.

    What the GMs/CMs are going to do in regards to the PTS:
    • GMs will only support players in order to better understand the bugs encountered and reported.
    • GMs will support players with additional information in order to investigate on possible bugs.
    • GMs will have the rights to kick/ban players from the PTS, whenever the behavior of a player may result in a block/delay of the bug reporting process.
    What the GMs/CMs are not going to do in regards to PTS:
    • GMs will not offer support in case of Hack or Scam.
    • GMs will not follow up on old bugs reported on PTS.
    • GMs will not run events on the PTS if not for testing purposes.
    What Gala Lab is not going to do in regards to PTS:
    • Gala Lab will not offer prompt support in case of Server Instability (Lags, Disconnections etc.) unless these are caused by bugs related to the last update. Support means, in that case, delivering a fix as soon as possible. Bringing the PTS back online is not a priority. Please remind that the PTS is here only for testing purposes.
    • Gala Lab will not offer prompt support to restore the PTS after a possible crash.
    • Gala Lab and/or WEBZEN reserve the right to put down the Server in any moment of the day without prior announcement.
    Why joining the PTS:
    • Players will have the chance to play the next update before the official release.
    • Players will have the chance of helping the GM team in order to prevent bugs to go live on the official release.


    Q: Is PTS open for everybody?
    A: Yes, you can create your account and start playing on PTS.

    Q: Is the version of the game on the PTS the same as the one that is currently running on the live servers?
    A: No. The PTS is running a version of the game that contains all of the content going into the next patch. To learn more about the current content, we advise you to .

    Q: I found a bug or another issue on the PTS. What should I do?
    A: You can report or comment on bugs on the feedback forum’s specific thread. Please use the specific thread, with the given template to report bugs or give feedback. For more information, please read the Feedback.

    Q: I cannot connect to the PTS, what should I do?
    A: This is a Public Test Server and it will often be taken down or crash, this is normal for testing. Please check the sticky threads in the forum for an announcement about any current planned downtime. If there is not already a sticky post regarding the outage you may create a new thread to let us know of the problem. Please do not create multiple threads as they will all be deleted.

    Q: I saw someone cheating, what should I do?
    A: The Terms of Use for Rappelz applies the same to the PTS. It is a common misconception that because there is no standard GM support on the test realms that there are no consequences for cheating. We actively remove players who are cheating or otherwise acting inappropriately. Actions taken against players who do not follow the terms of use will be quick and severe.
    Players who suspect cheating of any kind should report it via the ticket tool, specifying “PTS Cheating behavior” in their requests.

    Q: Why isn’t this bug fixed yet?
    A: Identifying a bug is merely the first step in a long process before a fix can be added to the PTS (or the live servers, for that matter), do not expect bugs to be fixed immediately.

    Q: Nobody answered my thread/a thread I’d like to see answered, can I bump it?
    A: No. All threads are read in the order that they are posted. Bumping does not accomplish anything but provide useless comments to a thread.