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  • Hallow cost Bound Zen

    Hallow upgrading should cost Bound Zen because there are already enough features that require players to spend real money on the game. I see that you added tiers to the Achievement and Division titles. There is no way anyone is going to get those new advanced titles without spending thousands of U.S. dollars in Diamonds. I have 13 BILLION Bound Zen and nothing to spend it on. I already got my set, weapon, shield, and one ring to tier 10+13+55+Luck+Max Seed Enhance. I am just waiting to find or buy one more ring+Luck and a necklace+Luck to have everything with luck before I move on to tier 11.

    There should be more uses for Bound Zen since it is so easy to acquire. MU makes enough money, you should throw a bone to us working-class citizens that are too poor to spend money on games. just saying.
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