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  • New wing costume

    Hello everybody,

    I saw one wing costume like a scorpion tail, maybe called Wings of Scorpion, i dont know..and i thinking about something..

    Why we dont have some Capes, like Dark Lord Cape from original MU with options like other wing costume?

    We have Wings of Ragnarok (Red), Wings of Perpetual Snow(Blue) and Wings of the Might(Purple), same wings, another color, another options.

    We can have 3 types of cape, can look the same but the option can be different.

    For example:
    Cape of Furcas (Furcas was the only knight in the the hierarchy of devils), the color can be black or red..;
    Cape of the God ( this can be gold or white);
    Cape of freedom/liberty (this can be blue/cian/purple/mixed).

    Maybe somebody thinking about this until now.. in this case you can delete this topic.

    Have a nice day!