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suggestion with "toggle other players"

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  • suggestion with "toggle other players"

    The option "toggle other players" make the other players invisible, this option help in some events with a lot of players, the option hide all characters and their skills, but this does not work with the Summoner, the option make the Summoner invisible too, but not one of her skills, that skill with the poison circle also when the valkyrie use her own skill (the valkyrie + her skill still visible too)
    In force boss and other boss events there are a lot of players with Summoners along with their valkyries , you can hide them with the toggle option but the game keep showing their valkyries and skills and sometimes this make the game start freezing cuz there are like 20-30 valkyries + a bunch of poison circles (summoner skill), even if i'm playing with a decent device, still happening

    My suggestion is that the option make able to hide the skill of the summoner and the valkyrie + her skill too

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    Hello, Lessard666 .
    We can totally see your point on this one. The Valkyries aren't hidden due to them being a summon rather than a player (which you already know!). With that said, we will have a discussion regarding your suggestion
    Thanks for your time!
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