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  • Monthly Raffle Draw

    Example rules and regulations, prizes etc.

    Grand Winner - 2,000€$¥£ worth of in game items and currencies.
    2nd - 500
    3rd - 300
    4th - 200
    5th - 200
    6th - 10th - 100

    *Non purchasers are qualified to the raffle draw but can only win 6th to 10th place.
    *Purchasers are qualified to win grand prize up to 10th place.
    *The prizes are Webzen's choice or it can be players' choice, as long as the items are worth the corresponding prize.
    *The raffle will be for each region or the raffle will be for all regardless of the region.

    Share your blessings, Webzen please!

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    Aren't raffles a free-for-all?
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      Originally posted by MiaoMi View Post
      Aren't raffles a free-for-all?
      Yes free for all that's why non purchasers can still win but 6th to 10th prize only.
      Since Webzen priorities more those who spend£€$, so the purchasers can win bigger prizes.

      And the first word I used to begin with this idea and suggestion is the word "Example".

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      • BWakanaNGyaWa23
        BWakanaNGyaWa23 commented
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        They already have a bunch of events with a lucky draw which is enough for me. I think you should participate in the Special Event and grab the KOP rankings.

      • TouchdownS31
        TouchdownS31 commented
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        December 2018 I started playing this game and in the last 5 events, 4 of those I've been in KOP rankings, but this last event I did not make it.

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      I never describe it as a ready-made either but whatever floats your boat. The majority would probably prefer their community event anyway.
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        That guy keeps impressing me with his suggestions. There is not a single week w.o any of his meaningless suggestions. Buddy, wake up, pls...


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          OK Chill😎
          Let's see in the coming days. 😉