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Suggestion about Zodiac weapon costume

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  • Suggestion about Zodiac weapon costume

    Hello, Warriors. As we all know, there is a Zodiac weapon costume, which has been added in some KoP event rewards and some lucky draws. My idea is, when a players completes his full 12 zodiacs on max tier/lvl , he recieves the zodiac weapon costume as a gift. It would be some kinda gift for beeing active at all, coz we all know zodiacs aint that easy, especially if u are not picking rc every day and u arent donating. The costume hisself is not giving some so special stats, so it could be a nice gift.

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    Regarding your suggestion, this will be forwarded to the relevant team for them to carefully review.

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      Pretty cool idea. And Zodiac skin isn't powerful one, but looks dope.