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How about Sweep Crystal Mine?

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    What u talk ? can u tell us in CM u find guild fight on server 1-8? Can u tell her how many people from kingz are online 2h in CM to collect? If u enter after 23 in CM u will find 5 10 big char and rb 3 4 who collect medium and small.... in some days CM is a ghost city. So 1 sweep will be great cuz is a phone game ...not PC game to spend 24h. Need to make something like at 10rb u will recive 700 bound dias at 11 900 at 12 1100 at 13 1300 at 14 1500 at 15 1700.


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      I'm not sure why the amount of Diamonds is based on Large Blue Crystals during x2. This is simply outright cheating right there and some of you are asking for WEBZEN's official seal on it which is unlikely to happen . See, this is one of the few reasons why half of the people in this discussion do not agree on the suggestion.

      The amount we get from the Incompleted Task for mining the Crystal Mine is around 300 or less (if completed through Zen) and this is based on 30 Small Blue Crystals on average day which is achieveable in any RB levels hence justifies it. To those who are asking for more than 1,800 or above (prolly from Rainbow's), where exactly are you getting those number and in what basis are these coming from? Enough with the "paying player, long time player, no population bla bla" BS because it doesn't apply to anyone. AT ALL. No offense meant.
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