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[Guide] Kingdom Warfare

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  • [Guide] Kingdom Warfare

    Kingdom Warfare event has been added with the 17.0 update!

    Registration is available from 10th to 17th on every month
    The trial match is proceeded from 18th to 19th from 15:30 to 15:40 every month

    The warriors that have promoted to the round of 16th, match is proceeded on 20th every month

    [Kingdom Warfare]

    1. The names of warriors that participated

    2. Can check the two warriors that are fighting and choose to cheer

    3. Can check the detailed rules here

    4. Can check the rewards based on the ranking

    5. Can check the results of the match

    6. Can check the possessing invitations

    7. Can check the items that can be exchanged with Kingdom point

    - Registration is available from 10th to 17th every month with War Invitation item
    - War Invitation can be acquired by two different ways
    # War Invitaion can be exchanged with unbound Diamonds
    # War Invitaion can be purchased from the [Character > Shop]
    - Trial match is proceeded on 18th and 19th every month on 15:30 to 15:40.
    # 18th : Warriors to participate for the rounds of 32th is promoted among the participants based on the CP
    # 19th : Among Top 9 ~ Top 32 warriors, 8 warriors are promoted to the round of 16th and Top 1 ~ Top 8 warriors are promoted to the round of 16th without any battle
    - Warriors that couldn't promoted to the round of 16th remains on the round of 32th
    - 20th on every month, matches from round of 16th to final are proceeded
    - Match is proceeded with the battle time and break time, when the battle is finished, results are shown and after the break time, the next round begins
    - Both warriors are in automatic battle mode, so the warriors with higher CP will win, if they have same CP, winner will be selected randomly
    - The opponent is randomly matched and it is proceeded as a 1:1 match
    - if the participants are insufficient, one will be shown as unearned win

    - When victory or defeated or the warrior that you have cheered wins, Kingdom Point can be acquired
    - The quantity of Kingdom Point varies based on the ranking
    - The winner of Kingdom Warfare can acquire the exclusive title [Throne Taker]
    - If the event is not held result of insufficient participants, the cancellation rewards can be claimed and they are sent to the mailbox
    - In the Kingdom Warfare Shop, various items can be exchanged with Kingdom Point
    - Ragnarok statue in Lorencia is altered with the Kingdom Warfare statue

    - Cheering is available from the matches of round of 16th
    - Certain amount of bound Zen is consumed when cheering
    - Kingdom point can be acquired by the result of the match of the warrior that chose to cheer