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[Guide] Miracle

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  • [Guide] Miracle

    Miracle system has been added with the 17.0 update

    Miracle is opened after reaching Rebirth 3 Lv. 100
    Miracle can be checked on [Character > Miracle]


    1. Miracle has 6 Celestials of Life, Power, Honest, Time, Fate and Spirit
    - To activate the Celestials, certain requirements must be reached
    # Miracle Life Celestial: Possess 50 Titles & use 1 Miracle Life Fragment
    # Miracle Spirit Celestial: Possess 50 Wings Costumes & use 1 Miracle Spirit Fragment
    # Miracle Fate Celestial: Possess 20 Costumes & use 1 Miracle Fate Fragment
    # Miracle Time Celestial: use 1 Miracle Time Fragment
    # Miracle Honest Celestial: Mount Level 80 Reached & use 1 Miracle Honest Fragment
    # Miracle Power Celestial: Pet total Level 280 Reached & use 1 Miracle Power Fragment

    2. Set effects of Ignore DEF, Slow Chance, Max HP are activated based on the numbers of 2, 4, 6 activated Celestials

    3. After activating all 6 Celestials, [Dragon Soul Breath] Skill and [Celestial Armor] can be achieved

    4. [Celestial Armor] looks can be checked here
    # [Celestial Armor] can be freely equipped or unequipped when after achieved

    5. Detailed rules can be checked

    - Each Celestial has its own skill
    # Max level of each Celestial is Lv. 5
    # Options increase when Celestials are leveled up
    # Items required to activate Celestials can be acquired from Kingdom Warfare Shop