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[Guide] Aether Shield

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  • [Guide] Aether Shield

    Aether Shield has been added with the 17.0 update

    Aether Shield is opened after reaching Rebirth 7 Lv. 100, and can be checked from [Character > Aether Shield]

    [Aether Shield]

    1. Aether Shield has total of 100 Tiers and each Tier has 10 Level.
    Tiers can be evolved only when each Tier reaches 10 Level.

    2. When enhancing Aether Shield, [Aether Shield Stone], [Aether Shield Soul Stone], [Aether Shield Power Stone] is required
    When evolving [Aether Shield Crystal] and [Aether Shield Soul Crystal] is required

    3. Enhancing the Aether Shield will increase the basic options and evolving will increase absorbing damage and reducing damage of Aether Shield's options
    # The durability is an option that shows how much damage Aether Shield can absorb
    # If the damage exceeds the Aether Shield's durability, the exceeded damage will reduce the character's hp
    # When the character is defeated, the durability becomes zero
    # The durability of Aether Shield is automatically restored as the time goes by

    4. Detailed rules can be checked