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[Guide] Hero Statue

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  • [Guide] Hero Statue

    [Hero Statue]

    Hero Statue is opened after reaching Hero Tier 3 Lv. 9

    1. Select Hero: Can select the Hero that has reached Tier 3 Lv. 9 to enhance.
    Hero that is under Tier 3 Lv. 9 cannot be choose.

    2. Hero Statue: Hero Statue is composed of 9 parts.
    Hero Statue can be evolved by equipping all 9 parts of Hero Piece.

    3. View Option: Can check the total option of Hero Statue.

    4. Hero Statue Grade: Can check the name of Hero Statue and Grade.
    Hero Statue can be evolved up to Tier 5 based on the grade of Hero.
    - Magic: Max Tier 3
    - Rare: Max Tier 4
    - Epic: Max Tier 5

    5. Option: Options increase whenever the Hero Statue is enhanced.

    6. Enhance : Can enhance Hero Statue with the same Hero Piece of the Hero Statue and Hero Scroll is needed to evolve the Hero Statue.