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[Guide] Artifact

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  • [Guide] Artifact

    Artifact is opened after reaching Rebirth 3 Lv. 100
    Artifact can be checked on [Character > Artifact]


    1. Artifact can be enhanced with Soul Emblem Spector Crystal is used to evolve the Artifact.
    - Can check the next Tier Artifact in advance.
    - Each Tier has 50 levels and Artifact can be evolved up to 12Tier.

    2. Can show/hide Artifact here.

    3. Once Artifact Costume is used, it can't be undone or deleted.
    - All the options of Artifact Costume are applied even when it is not equipped.
    - Artifact Costume can be enhanced by using the same Costume and the options will increase when enhanced.

    4. When Artifact reaches certain level, it can be checked here.

    5. When Artifact reaches certain level, Soul Torch can be enhanced by using Soul Flame.
    - When Soul Torch is ignited, options related to Max HP increases.
    - There is total 6 Soul Torch and it can be ignited in order.

    6. Can check the explanation for Artifact here.