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[Guide] Holy Gear

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  • [Guide] Holy Gear

    Holy Gear is opened after reaching Rebirth 3 Lv.1
    Holy Gear can be checked [Character > Holy Gear]

    [Holy Gear]

    1. Holy Gear has 4 types of HP, DEF, DMG and Thunder

    2. Holy Gear is unlocked using the Holy Gear Stones that matches each type of HP, DEF, Attack and Thunder.
    - Options for each Holy Gear are increased Holy Gear is unlocked.
    - Holy Gear can be enhanced using the Holy Gear Stones that matches each type
    - Holy Gear Stone has 3 grades of Normal/ Magic/ Rare and the higher grade has higher chances.

    - Higher grade has higher chances to enhance.

    3. Unlock progress can be checked when the Holy Gear is locked and enhance progress can be checked after the Holy Gear is unlocked.

    4. Each skill can be activated when Holy Gear reaches certain Tier.
    - Holy Gear Skill can be enhanced by using Ability Stone.
    - The max level of each skill is 50.

    5. Can check the explanation about Holy Gear here.