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  • [Guide] Nobility

    Make your Reverse stronger with the Nobility system! Nobility has been added to the 14.0 update.

    Nobility unlocks after you reach Reverse lv.30 and can be found in [My Character > Nobility].

    [Nobility Rebirth]

    ① Nobility Class: Shows your current Nobility Class and properties.
    ② Nobility Skill: Shows your current Nobility Skill level and effects.
    -Nobility Skill levels increase after you upgrade your Nobility Class.
    ③ Next Nobility Class: Shows Nobility properties of the next Class.
    -Each level can be enhanced up to 10 levels.
    ④ Level up: Collect required materials for each Class to level up and upgrade your Nobility.
    Nobility Insignia and Emblem required for enhancing your Nobility will increase after each upgrade.
    -You can acquire Nobility Insignia and Emblem from the Nobility Dungeon.
    ⑤ Nobility Class: Nobility Class is divided into 9 stages, and you can view details by tapping on your Nobility.
    -When Nobility is first unlocked, your Nobility Class will be 'Novice'.
    -Materials required for enhancing your Nobility will increase after each upgrade.

    [Nobility Dungeon]

    ① Activate Nobility Dungeon: Nobility Dungeons will be activated according to your Nobility Class.
    ② Nobility Dungeon Rewards: Each Nobility Dungeon will have different Boss properties and rewards.
    ③ Challenge: Choose from one of four Bosses and tap Challenge to move to the Nobility Dungeon.
    ※ All Nobility Dungeons have a maximum capacity of 200 players. You will not be able to enter if a Dungeon exceeds the limit.
    ④ Rules: View details regarding the Nobility Dungeon.
    ⑤ Bounty Reward: All Nobility Dungeons will have a Bounty Reward. Defeat Bosses in designated Dungeons to receive Bounty Rewards up to one time.

    [Nobility Dungeon Map]

    [Battlefield Rules]
    -PK is allowed in the Nobility Dungeon. You can choose from Peace, Party, or All mode.
    -Boss monsters will spawn in designated areas.
    -The Boss of the Nobility Dungeon can be defeated in solo or parties. Your DMG ranking will be shown on the left of the screen.
    -All Nobility Dungeon Bosses will be reset every day at 15:00. Bosses will respawn 3 times per day.
    ※ Knight of Iron, Stone Demon, Kyrunus will respawn 2 times per day.
    ※ You have a daily Boss defeat limit of 3 times.
    -When you die inside the Nobility Dungeon, you can use Unbound Diamonds to resurrect on spot.
    If you do not choose to resurrect, you will resurrect at the safety zone.

    [Reward Rules]
    -Defeat rewards will go to the party or individual with the most DMG dealt.
    -Each Nobility Dungeon and Boss will give different rewards.

    [Nobility Equipment]

    ① Nobility Equipment Grade: Nobility Equipment slots will be activated according to your Nobility Class. Also, you will receive set effects for equipping all equipment of a set Grade.

    ② Disassemble: You can acquire Volcanic Essence required for Enchanting by disassembling Nobility Equipment.

    [Nobility Equipment_Enchant]

    You can Enchant your Nobility Equipment by [Tap on Nobility Equipment > Refine].
    ① Save: Save your current options using Bind Stone.
    ② Enchant: Use Volcanic Essence to Enchant your Nobility Equipment.
    ③ Details: View details regarding Enchanting Nobility Equipment.