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  • [Guide] Dark Cave

    Shine the light of victory!
    The 'Dark Cave' feature has been added in the 11.0 Update.

    The Dark Cave is a cross-server feature that involves Clan vs Clan battles, and is held on Tuesday and Friday at 21:30 ~ 22:00.

    The requirement for the Dark Cave is Rebirth 5, Lv.1.
    Find the newly updated [Dark Cave] by touching [My Character > Clan > Clan Event] .

    Capture the 3 Lightposts with your Clan members to win fabulous rewards.

    Exclusive Accessories will be activated for 12 personal victories,
    and you will receive Season rewards based on your Season Clan Point Rankings.

    [Dark Cave]

    ① Event Time: Tuesday, Friday at 21:30 ~ 22:00.
    ② Event Battlefield: The Dark Cave season will last for 2 weeks(4 times). You may find Season progress here.
    ③ Apply: A Clan master of Rebirth 5, Lv.1 can apply for the Dark Cave.
    ④ Reward Preview: You can get Clan Honor and Bound Diamonds for Season Rewards.
    ⑤ Exclusive Accessory: Get the 'Light of Holy Spirit' for 12 personal victories.
    ⑥ Ranking: View Season Clan Point Rankings.
    ⑦ Rewards: Preview Season Ranking rewards depending on your Clan Point Ranking. After Ranking is accounted for, you may claim Ranking rewards.
    ⑧ Help: Find info on the Dark Cave.

    [Battlefield Rule]
    - After entering the Dark Cave, all players will stand by in the center of the map, the Safety Zone, for 1 minute.
    - When battle preparations are over, you will be able to move your character. After 10 seconds, you will be changed to PK mode.
    - 3 Lightposts will be activated after the preparation time is over.
    - Lightpost status is one of three: Not controlled, Control, and Enemy Control. After capturing a Lightpost, it cannot be captured by another Clan for 60 seconds.
    - Lightposts are captured by Collecting and when capturing, It will not be cancelled when taken damages from enemies. But the capturing will fail if the character is defeated.
    - When one Clan has possession of all three Lightposts, the Clan is the victor and the Dark Cave battle is completed.
    - Lightposts give the controlling guild Buff effects that last during the battle.
    - Lightpost Buffs disappear once you lose control of Lightposts.
    # 1 Lightpost: Moving Speed +25%
    # 2 Lightposts: Moving Speed +25%, Reflect DMG +50%
    - When defeated in the Dark Cave battle, you will resurrect at your first starting point.
    - If you are disconnected or leave the Dark Cave while the battle is not over, you may enter the Dark Cave battle before it is finished.

    [Win Rule]
    - The Clan that has possession of all 3 Lightposts is the winner.
    - If no Clan has possession of all 3 Lightposts before battle time is over, all Clans will lose.

    [Reward Rule]
    - You may claim First Win rewards after your first win.
    - If your Clan wins, you may claim Win Rewards and Clan Points.
    - If your Clan loses, you may claim Participation Rewards, but lose Clan Points.
    - The Dark Cave ranking is accounted at 24:00 on the last day of the season, and you may receive rewards depending on your Clan Point rankings.
    - Season rewards maintain until the next season account.
    - You cannot receive Season rewards if your Clan Point is 0.
    - You can get the Exclusive Accessory, 'Light of Holy Spirit' on 12 cumulative wins.