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[Guide] Hero Rune

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  • [Guide] Hero Rune

    Grow stronger with your Hero!
    Hero Runes have been updated.

    Use various Hero Runes to enhance your Hero.
    Find Hero Runes at [My Character > Reverse > Hero].

    [Hero Rune Slot]

    ① Rune Points: You will acquire Rune Points that can activate the Divine Knowledge effect.
    As your Hero Rune levels increase, the amount of Rune Points you can get will also increase.

    ② Divine Knowledge Effect: When total Hero Rune points reach a certain level, the Divine Knowledge effect will be activated.

    ③ Hero Rune Equip Slot: You may equip up to 5 Hero Runes of the same type.
    Hero Runes types are divided as the graph below.

    ④ Basic Property & Special Options: Basic Properties will increase as Hero Rune levels increase.
    When Hero Runes reach a certain level, you may acquire special options by chance.
    - Max lv. of Hero Runes is lv.50.

    ⑤ Unequip All: Touch Unequip All to unequip all equipped Hero Runes.

    ⑥ Help: View details regarding Hero Runes.