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  • [Guide] Mount Seal

    Make your Mount stronger through Mount Seals!
    Mount Seals have been updated.

    Level up 5 types of Reverse Seals to enhance your Reverse Options.

    You may access Mount Seals after unlocking Reverse contents.
    Find your Mount Seals in [My Character > Equipment > Mount Seal].

    ① Reverse Seal: Mount Seals are composed of 5 types of Reverse Seals - Light, Dark, Nature, Spirit, and Chaos.
    ② Seal Composition: Each Reverse Seal is composed of 4 types - Endurance, Confidence, Hope, and Pride.
    Additional Options according to Seal are as follows.

    ③ Seal Level Up: You may activate and enhance Seals using Seal items of the same type.
    After activating a Seal, an additional Option will be permanently added. Reverse Options will increase as you enhance your Seal.

    Also, Seal of Truth will be needed for enhancing high-level Seals.
    You may acquire Seal items in the Genesis War.

    [Seal Effects]
    ① Seal Effects: Level up 4 Seals of the same type to lv.10 to use the 'Reverse Burst' effect.
    This deals additional DMG according to your Reverse properties.
    ② Use Seal Effects: You may only use one Seal effect out of 5 Reverse Seal properties.