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    Who can survive to the end?
    The Genesis War has been updated.

    The Genesis War is a solo-play, real-time Reverse PvP feature that is held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during 20:00 ~ 20:20.

    You may enter the Genesis War after you reach Reverse lv.30.
    Find the Genesis War in [My Character > Reverse > Genesis War].

    [Genesis War]

    ① Level Requirement: Reach Reverse lv. 30 to participate in the event.
    ② Event Period: The Genesis War is open every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during 20:00 ~ 20:20.
    ③ Light of Ares: All players in the Genesis War will receive the Light of Ares buff.
    - During the Light of Ares, players will not recover HP, and will deal increased Reverse attack DMG.
    ④ Exclusive Title: View the Exclusive Title for the player that ranks 1st in the Genesis War, the Flame of Primal.
    ⑤ Event Rewards: View Genesis War rewards. Acquire materials to enhance your Mount Seals, Seal of Endurance, Seal of Confidence, Seal of Hope, Seal of Pride, and Seal of Truth.
    ⑥ Enter: You may participate in the Genesis War by touching 'Enter' when the event starts.
    ⑦ Help: View descriptions regarding the Genesis War.
    ⑧ Rewards: View detailed rewards according to Genesis War rankings.

    [Genesis War]

    [Battlefield Rules]
    - The Genesis War consists of 5 floors. Upon entering, you will start from the 1st floor.
    - After entering the Genesis War, all but your character names will be marked as the same.
    - If you leave during the event, your Personal Points will remain. However, you will start again from the 1st floor upon re-entry.
    - In order to move to the next floor, you must reach the designated kill counts. After moving to another floor, you will be granted invincibility for 5 seconds.
    - If you are killed during the event, you will resurrect and be invincible for 3 seconds.
    - You cannot attack other players while you are invincible.
    - If you are killed consecutively for a number of times, you will move down a floor, and your death count will be reset.
    - You will earn points for survival time on each floor.
    - You can earn points for killing other players. The higher the floor, the more points you will get.
    - The Genesis War event is held under 'All' Mode. You cannot change your PK mode during this event.
    - Your PK points will not increase in the Genesis War.
    - A max total of 220 players can participate in the Genesis War.

    [Battle Rules]
    - Floors 1 ~ 4 are non-decisive. Reach designated kill counts to advance to the next floor.
    The final floor, Floor 5 is decisive. You may enter the 5th Floor only during designated times.
    - During the decisive battle time, the top 10 players will automatically advance to the 5th Floor.
    - During the decisive battle time, all other players will have to reach designated kill counts to advance to the 5th Floor.

    [Reward Rules]
    - Reach designated points for Point Rewards.
    - Point Rewards are given to your Reverse Inventory.
    - Players that leave the Genesis War before the event ends will receive ranking rewards through mail.
    - The top ranking player will receive an Exclusive Title, the "Flame of Primal", along with Point Rewards.
    - The "Genesis Flame" title will last until the next Genesis War.