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  • Zerefth's: The Dark Guide*

    Zerefth's: The Dark Guide [Update 12/04/2020]

    Part 1: Class

    Dark Wizard: It has a stronger attack and defense. He's like a magic tank.

    Elf: It doesn't have much attack, but it can reload and steal enemies' lives.

    Blade Knight: Deals great damage, but costs life and can stun enemies for a long time.

    Holy Witch: Has damage and defense, but little life.

    Part 2: Attributes and fruits

    Your attribute points need to be distributed in a way that allows you to equip the next level of armor.

    You can distribute 300 fruits at the beginning. When you earn some lvl, you can distribute more. Every lvl master offers 50 more fruits to distribute.

    Part 3: Armor

    There are two types of armor in the game. Critical armor and Kalima armor.

    Kalima's armor is one that all parts of joints give you a set bonus.

    The critical armor gives you a 5% critical bonus throughout the set.

    The best armor is that of a critic, but to get it you must search all the dungeons until you find the best parts of the set with excellent options in orange.

    Then you must collect 1800 roses and make the item draw to try to get items from your class with a 5% critical rating.

    Having both pieces you must evolve the best piece with excellent options in orange. When you evolve place the piece you want to evolve on top, then the piece with a critic on the left and any other piece on the right and click evolve.

    Tip 1: Always use breeding seeds only on the weapon and boots. In the weapon to give you more attack and in the boots to give you more evasion.

    Try to distribute the life stones equally with little difference in the weapon and the set of rings and necklace.
    Example: 50 life jewels on the weapon on the necklace and rings for more attack and 40 life jewels on the rest of the armor for defense.

    Tip 2: Place all the gems in the armor on level 6 and then enhance and carve them all. Since enhance stone and carving knife is very expensive, it is best to go shopping in the guild store and make level 6 jewelry.
    When you have enough you can take these jewelry to the next level.

    The more jewels you have you will receive the jewel bonus and the more you improve your armor you will also receive a bonus.

    Part 4: Wing, mascot and accessory

    It is recommended to evolve to level 10 and then start to evolve as feathers until you get level 3 bonuses. It is also recommended to evolve to a soul of roc until level 8.

    Golden pets spend a lot of resources, so it is recommended to use only purple pets to obtain the combo bonus. It is always a good idea to draw pets to try to catch purple pets with the best options. When you get a good combination of golden pet the exchange can be made.

    The same goes for accessories.

    Tip 3: When you get a 7-day costume, you can destroy it to get silk. Then use silk to enhance any permanent fantasy with good options you have.

    Part 5: Aether

    The best ethers are the purple ones. It is recommended to use the following: accuracy, base attack, magic or physical attack (depending on your class), defense, increased damage, dodge level, increased damage, giving resistance and damage absorption.

    Part 6: Master talent

    The master talent is divided into three trees.

    The first is called Berserk and is recommended for the Blade Knight (BK) class, as it is focused on attack.

    The second is called sacred guard and is recommended for Elves (Elf) because it is focused on life and theft of life.

    The third is called guardian and is recommended for Dark Wizard (DW) because it is focused on resistance and defense.

    Tip 4: Getting master talent points is very difficult as it consumes a lot of XP. However, if you consume only the XP you earn for free when talking to the npc's in the main mission (golden mission), during master 1 you can get up to 5 points in the master talent.

    Tip 5: Always do everything with your fortune to the maximum.

    Hugs to the friends from EU 7 server. ​​​​​​

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    I know this is late but thank you so much for the elaborate guide!

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