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[Guide] Reverse Equipment Set

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  • [Guide] Reverse Equipment Set

    Reinforce your Reverse Equipment with Set Effects!
    We introduce you to the Reverse Sets that are updated in the 12.0 update!

    There are two types of Reverse Sets, Armor and Accessory Sets.
    You can activate Set effects depending on the number of equipment that are of the same Tier.

    Find the Reverse Set in [My Character > Reverse > Reverse Exceed > Create Sets].

    [Reverse Set]

    ① Equipped Reverse Equipment: View your equipped Reverse Equipment.
    You may only create Reverse Sets with the equipment you have on.
    You can create two types of sets according to Type.

    # Reverse Armor Set: Helmet, Gloves, Boots, Pants, Armor
    # Reverse Accessory Set: Necklace, Ring(Left), Ring(Right)

    ② Reverse Set Grade: Reverse Sets are divided into 3 Grades.
    In order to create a higher Grade, you must fulfill certain conditions.

    The maximum Grade depends on Reverse equipment Tier.
    You must also create a lower Grade Set before creating a higher Grade set.

    The details are as follows:

    ※ You must have activated at least one set of the previous Grade in order to create a higher Grade.

    ③ Reverse Equipment Details: View current Reverse Sets in progress.

    ④ Reverse Set Effects: Set Effects activate according to the number of Sets of the same equipment Tier.
    You can get Set effects depending on the number of Reverse Grade options that are activated.

    Get Armor Set effects after activating 2 and 5 Armor Sets.
    Get Accessory Set effects after activating 3 Accessory Sets.

    Reverse Equipment Set effects do not stack. If you have activated all Grade 3 Set effects, only the effects of the highest Grade will be activated.

    Ex1) Create three Tier 1 Armor Normal sets + Create two Tier 2 Armor Normal sets
    : Two Tier 1 Normal Set effect + Two Tier 2 Normal Set effect

    Ex2) Create five Tier 2 Armor Normal sets + Create two Tier 2 Nebula sets
    : Five Tier 2 Normal Set effect + Two Tier 2 Nebula Set effect(The two Tier 2 Normal Set effects are not activated)

    ⑤ Create Reverse Set: You will need Armor and Accessory Stones to create Reverse Sets. These stones can be acquired in the Malicious Lair and Land of Bind.

    Or, you can create a stone by [My Character > Create > Reverse Set] with 100 stone pieces.

    [Remove Set]

    You may remove Reverse Sets if needed.

    Stones that were used in creating Reverse Sets will be returned.
    Removing Reverse Sets will require unbound Zen.

    You must remove a Reverse Set of a higher Grade before removing Sets of a lower Grade.