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  • [Guide] Land of Bind

    Challenge Chaos Monsters in the Land of Bind!
    The Land of Bind has been updated.

    The Land of Bind is a newly added Reverse feature with limited daily entries where you can acquire various rewards for defeating monsters and Chaos monsters.

    You may find the Land of Bind in [My Character > Reverse > Land of Bind].

    [Land of Bind]

    ① Challenge: You can enter the Land of Bind every day during 10:00 ~ 24:00.
    You have a limited amount of daily entries which increase with your VIP level.
    Your daily entry counts for the Land of Bind reset every day at 24:00.

    Touch the Challenge button to enter by using Tickets.
    You can acquire additional Tickets at the Malicious Lair.

    If you do not have sufficient Tickets, you can use unbound Diamonds to purchase Tickets.
    The number of Tickets required will increase with your entry counts.

    You may not re-enter the Land of Bind after you have exited the area.
    You must use additional Tickets if you wish to enter the Land of Bind again.

    ② Chaos Monster: You will enter different levels of the Land of Bind according to your Reverse level.

    Each map will spawn 8 types of Chaos Monsters with various Reverse options.

    After defeating a Chaos Monster, it will respawn after a certain amount of time.
    Each time a Chaos Monster respawns, its Reverse option will change.

    Touch the portrait of a Chaos Monster to look for details.
    Chaos Monsters that are already defeated will be shown in grey.

    ③ Reward: The player that dealt the most DMG to a Chaos Monster will acquire Bound rewards.
    Chaos Monsters will drop Reverse Set Stones, Reverse Accessory Set Stones that are required for creating Reverse sets.

    [Rules for Land of Bind]

    - Your Chaos Gauge will increase by 1 every five seconds after entering the Land of Bind.
    - Defeating Reverse and Chaos Monsters will increase your Chaos Gauge.
    - The increase amount of your Chaos Gauge will vary depending on the type of monster you defeat.
    - Your Chaos Gauge will increase when you are killed in the map.
    - You may use unbound Diamonds to resurrect on spot.
    Otherwise, you will respawn at a Safety Zone after a certain amount of time.
    - When your Chaos Gauge reaches a certain amount, a 30 second countdown will begin. After the countdown ends, you will be kicked from the Land of Bind.
    - Your Chaos Gauge will reset after exiting the Land of Bind.