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  • [Guide] Hero

    Collect designated Hero Pieces from the Land of Chaos to activate Heroes.

    Your trustworthy partners, the Hero has been added to the 11.0 update.

    Find Hero by touching [My Character > Reverse > Hero].

    [Acquire Hero]

    ① Hero Type: There are 3 Types of Heroes - Magic, Rare, and Epic.
    ② Activate: Acquire a certain amount of Hero Pieces from the Land of Chaos to activate a Hero.

    [Hero Enhance]

    ① Enhance Level: Heroes have 10 Tiers in total and 9 Star Grades are applied in each Tier.
    You must enhance Stars of the previous Tier in order to evolve to the next Tier.

    ② Skill: Each Hero has 1 skill which is used automatically in battle. Touch the skill to view further details.
    As your Hero grows, skill levels will increase.

    ③ Equip: You can choose toEquip/Unequip your Hero. Only one Hero can be equipped at a time. Equipping another Hero will withdraw your current one.

    Heroes cannot be attacked and defeated, but you cannot use Heroes in the Arena, Battle of Olympus, or Clan Assault.

    ④ Enhance: 'Emblem of Holy Spirit' are used for enhancing Heroes, and 'Scroll of Holy Spirit' are used for evolving Heroes. You can acquire both items from the Land of Chaos, or by disassembling Hero Pieces.

    ⑤ Option: Each Hero has basic Options and Special Options. Basic Options can be increased by enhancing Heroes.

    Special options cannot be changed or enhanced.

    ⑥ View Option: View details and options of your activated Hero.

    ⑦ Hero Nobility : Can enhance Hero's Dignity Skill that can stun the Boss monsters in Nobility Dungeon.

    You can enter Hero Nobility after reaching Reverse lv.30.

    ① Hero Nobility Skill: Shows your current Hero Nobility Skill.
    ② Buff Effects: Shows buff effects that are obtained when you activate Hero Nobility Skill. You can also view next level buff effects.
    ③ Diabolic Scroll: Use Diabolic Scroll to activate or enhance your Hero Nobility Skill.
    -Required materials will increase as you enhance your Nobility Skill.
    -You can acquire Diabolic Scroll through Nobility Dungeon.
    ④ Level up: Get stronger Nobility Skill effects after leveling up your skill.