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  • [Guide] Divine Grace

    Make your Reverse Equipment more powerful!

    'Divine Grace' has been added to the 11.0 update, where you can Bless Reverse Equipment with Divine Grace Options.

    Find the Divine Grace at [My Character > Reverse > Divine Grace].

    [Divine Grace Option]

    ① Current Divine Grace Option: View your Divine Grace Options.
    ② Changed Divine Grace Option: View how your Divine Grace Options can be changed.
    ③ Required Materials: Use 'Blessing Tools' for random Divine Grace Options. You can get 'Blessing Tools' from the Land of Chaos.
    ④ Equipment: A total of 7 equipment can be blessed, with the exception of Sacred Relic and Sacred Symbol. Each part has different property values through Divine Grace.

    ⑤ Exchange Divine Grace Option: If Option changes are undesirable, you can always press 'Cancel' to discard changes. If you wish to save your changes, press 'Save' to apply the modified Divine Grace Option.

    [Divine Grace Option(Set)]

    There are 5 Types and 3 Grades of Divine Grace Option.
    5 Types: Radiant, Reliable, Dreadful, Vain, Fatal
    3 Grades: Magic, Rare, Epic

    You can acquire Set effects by equipping 2, 4, and 5 equipment of the same Type of Divine Grace Option.
    Once you acquire at least 5 Divine Grace set options, you get the Divine Grace set effect.

    Set effects vary depending on Divine Grace Grade. The higher the Grade, the more powerful the set effects.

    If you have Divine Grace Options of different Grade, the Option of the lower Grade will be in effect.

    [Option Enhance]

    ① Option Enhance: Enhance your Divine Grace Options.
    The enhanced options do not affect the set effects, and only Blessed Reverse equipment can be enhanced.
    The maximum enhance limit differs upon the Divine Grace Grade. You may not exceed the enhance limit.
    ② Required Materials: Divine Grace Option Enhance requires 'Jewel of Grace' which can be found in the Land of Chaos.

    [Option Transfer]

    Divine Grace Options can be exchanged between Reverse Equipment.

    Unbound Diamonds are required for Option Exchange. The required amount of Unbound Diamonds depends on option Grade.

    You may exchange higher option Grades to a lower one.
    If one or more Reverse Equipment used in Option Exchange is bound, the exchanged equipment becomes bound as well.