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  • [Guide] Land of Chaos

    Get Reverse items from the Land of Chaos!

    The Land of Chaos, where you can defeat Bosses that appear three times a day, has been added to the 11.0 update.

    Find the Land of Chaos in [My Character > Reverse > Land of Chaos].

    ① Boss: Find the 6 different Bosses you can meet at the Land of Chaos. Each Boss has a specific Reverse DMG Increase Property.

    ② Boss Respawn: Each Boss appears at 12:30, 14:30, and 18:30.
    ③ The requirements for each Land of Chaos Boss is as follows.
    - Reverse Lv. 1~60: Lord Silvester, Gnome
    - Reverse Lv. 61~140: Hasturun, Dread Queen
    - Reverse Lv. 141~240: Ruins Spirit, Nix
    ④ Rewards: After defeating a Boss, a tomb will appear in its place. Mine the tomb for random rewards.

    Tombs have a limit of 5 Mines, with an individual limit of one.
    After the mine limit has depleted, you can no longer acquire rewards from a tomb.

    Daily Mine limits will renew every day at 24:00.

    The player who inflicts the most DMG to a Boss receive additional rewards.
    Bonus bound items are given to the character that deals the final blow to Boss Monsters.

    ⑤ Challenge: Press the Challenge button to enter the Boss area. You may match parties after you enter.